Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This train terminates here - All change!

Well people we survived 2011 and thats no mean feat!

2011 saw crazy hit a whole new level and 2012 is gonna be worse! Its easy to forget whats happened and whats coming so heres a keep overview of 2011 and what to expect in 2012!

Over the last 12 months you guys have helped us save 9 "case" dogs. Six of those dogs had never known anything but a kennel and at 16 months old have required alot of rehab to help set them on their way. Jake,  Molly and Izzy are still with us but ready for new homes. Merlin is also still with us and still looking for a bullbreed experienced home with no young children. He will be going into foster care in the next week to continue his rehab.

You have also helped us keep safe April a stunning staffie girl abandoned in the summer heavily pregnant. She gave birth to her pups but being a stafford no rescue place was forthcoming. April and one of her pups Kandie are still with us and looking for homes.

We have also helped a number of dogs caught up in the riots earlier in the year. One owner was forced from her home and during the madness her pup was attacked by another dog. With no home and no money you guys helped offer a spot of safety and vet care for his injuries. He is now back home with his owner.

It doesnt sounds much on paper but thats a total of over 20 dogs in 12 months. Each dog spends on average four months in our care. With kennel bills of £10 per dog per day thats thousands of pounds and we couldnt do it without your help.

Today for example we have costs of £40, tomorrow will be the same. We have had to fundraise like carzy and you guys have helped us keep going. We still have thousands to raise and we hope over 212 you will help us to keep the dogs safe.

We have dealt with more cases last year than ever before and we have watched courts get tougher and more dogs die. We have dealt with many issues surrounding housing associations and councils changing tenancies and the increased use of "agreed behaviour contracts".

We held No voice no choice a great event in Chertsey which despite having the motorway closed was a huge success.

We have also met some amazing people this year who have rolled up their sleves and got stuck in! In particular we must thank Sian Morton, Terry Edwards and Keeley Sutton for their help this year. You guys rock and sadly are stuffed this year cos you know your doing more of the same!lol

So whats the score for 2012?

Well theres alot of changes afoot. Our first priority is to focus on the dogs still in kennels, Izzy, Molly, April, Jake and Merlin. Kandie Aprils pup is still looking for a home.  We need to fine those homes and find the funds to keep them safe until we do.

Allie Green will be slightly less avaliable as she focuses less on the day to day running instead concentrates on set issues and one or two new avenues....oooo interesting i hear you say! Watch this space for details! The rest of the gang will still be about in full force so dont think we are going anywhere...thats just silly!

So anyone whose read this far is now probably wondering what the heck this has to do with trains terminating...well its easy.

2012 is the year all will change. The law WILL change, maybe at the end of this year maybe start of next but this is the year that the discussion will reach a whole new high and decisions will be made. There will be lots of angles and proposals thrown about and chances are we will end up with a law that is a mishmash of all those.

The danger is in among the shouts of "End BSL" someone misses the bit that will destroy many dogs of all breeds. The Dog Control Bill proposal ( Kennel Club Blue Cross Dogs Trust) is a good example of this as it allows for the destruction of dogs seized on "welfare grounds" prior to a trial. Anyone who is aware of what kennel stress can do to a dog will be aware that is a welfare issue but is ait right to kill a dog that has a problem because the law says that dog must be seized AND before its even been found guilty of anything?.
Or maybe in among the "End BSL" cries no one notices that actually it IS BSL. The Dog Control Act proposal ( RSPCA) is a good example of this. For all their cries of "we are anti BSL" their proposal keeps it in its current form and may well make things much harder!

So this year we will be wrapping up what we couldnt finish in 2011 and focus on the new legislation and the usual cases. We will be linking in with new ways to improve dog ownership and more importantly, the perception of certain breeds and certain owners.

Most importantly we will need your help even more than ever before...or rather the dogs, current and future need your help. Help to keep them safe, raise the funds, offer the spaces and help for every dog in the country to make sure that when the law changes, it will change for the better for them and not bring about a new canine holocaust!

So... put your fighting hats on people cos 2012 just got started and we have a hell of a fight to go through!