Thursday, 22 September 2011

The future of DDA watch

Its been almost a year since DDA watch became a registered company. We hoped that becoming a company would help us become bigger and stronger and really fight back against BSL. While we did indeed become much bigger the core heart of DDA Watch has not become bigger or stronger, if anything sheer exhaustion has almost crippled us.

We have never had as many dogs in as we do now and we have never had as many cases, several very important ones as we do now and to be honest we just cant cope anymore.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking hard to see if there is any realistic future for DDA Watch. We will stand by the dogs we have in our care and we will still work the cases we are currently doing. I sincerly hope this isnt the end but its not looking good. I hope all our supporters will be patient as we take the time to work out if we can continue to try and end this barbaric law.

Allie Green - founder .

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Puppy Naming competition to raise funds for DDA Watch

As many of our supporters know we currently have a litter of staffie pups and their mum currently in our care. Mum , now named April was found pregnant and straying and went on to give birth to 8 pups. The pups are now 4 weeks old and 5 of them still need names...and you can help choose them!

Below are pictures of each of the currently nameless pups and each pup is numbered 1-6.

For every £1 donated to our paypal account you will be able to pick a name and that name will be entered into a draw on monday morning at 10am. A draw will take place for each pup with the winners announced here.

You MUST include with your donation the NUMBER of the pup you wish to name AND your chosen name for that pup. For example £1 donation with a note stating "pup 1 boris"

If more than £1 donated please state EACH name for EACH numbered pup, for example "pup 1 = boris. Pup 2 = bert" and so on. If you want to donate for example £5 and have five entries of the same name for the same pup simply include the name and number of the pup with your donation and we will make sure the correct number of entries is added to the draw.

Make sense?! we hope so! So please take part in the great naming competition and send your donations via paypal to and include the details of which pup as seen below!

Pup one Female

Pup 2 female

pup 3 female

pup 4 female

pup 5 male