Saturday, 17 December 2011

And then they died.

I am often told of posts on the internet attacking DDA Watch or myself in some way or another. Sometimes the posts make me laugh as they are so "out there" it's just funny. The majority bore me. They are just ramblings and I don’t have the time or interest to set them straight. Most of the time it's supporters who email or privately message us what’s been said. I rarely have the time to go on the hundreds of different pages and thousands of different profiles looking for what’s being said by whom about what.

But what these silly little people posting these silly little posts don’t understand is there’s certain things we cannot say. By law. Not because we don’t want to say them…trust me on that. You have no idea how frustrating it is not to tell it exactly how it is or even set you straight. Id love nothing more than to tell the world of the things I've seen, show them even and offload on to someone else. Then they can walk a mile in our shoes and mentally bury the dogs that they couldn’t help too!

But we cannot legally. So to those posting their little posts :

I am sat here trying to write something having literally been told I cannot, by law, put what I wanted to put. I cannot say the whole story and correct your fabricated guesswork. So I’m going to talk a little about what I do. Read it. None of the information is based on any specific case although some may be similar as we deal with a huge range. But the info isn’t about any particular case. It is about what we do and more importantly why we do it.

Specifically it’s a demonstration, a demonstration of the main difference between you and me. You who havent even had the courage to post your accusations on this page in plain view.

If everything we knew stayed in the front of our minds we would go crazy and your posts bring everything flooding to the front. It’s been years. Do you have any idea how many dogs I've seen die? Do you have any clue of what it feels like to have someone kill a dog you KNOW you can save? To put your heart and soul on the line and watch it be pointless? Then have to get up and do it all over again? Have you any idea what you do to those trying to stop dogs dying every time you start on your rubbish?

I’ll be honest, I'm sick of being the one sitting here seeing what I see. I am sick of watching what happens next while the rest of the world sits there either not knowing, not caring or even worse, attempting to take a tiny snapshot of what I know, what I saw, what I FELT and I had to deal with to attack DDA Watch or myself with.

So now im going to try and get you to see it too, know and feel it just as we have to and if you STILL don’t get it you're not who you claim to be. Or maybe you are the person you claim to be, and that’s even sadder.

Every single day I get up and the phone rings or the emails are filling up again. I take a few details that are offered and I explain to everyone their options. I may be lied to, or not given the whole story. I may be given the truth. I don’t know. I'm not a mind reader and at the end of the day that is NOT why we do what we do.

You see, the point you are missing is in every single call there is one common factor. Somewhere in among the lies or the truth or the tears or the heartbreak or even maybe blood spill there’s a dog. That dog is probably now alone, scared and unknown to that dog its life is hanging in the balance. Someone somewhere could come along at any moment and watch that dog die.

And the crazy thing is…get this…. That dog, the victim in everything, that’s the one who will pay the ultimate price. That dog will fight hard to keep its heart beating and to keep breathing but when that injection finally hits its blood stream it will not have a choice. No matter how hard it tries, and it will try, its body will not do what its mind is begging it to do. It will not keep breathing and its heart won't keep beating.

Now often we will be aware of a case where for some reason the dog is not going to get home. Maybe there are a number of dogs and the owner can’t have them all back. Maybe there are welfare issues and the owner shouldn’t and won’t get the dog back. Maybe its just not wanted anymore. There are a lot of reasons why a dog may not go home.

But there’s only one reason why a dog will die and that’s because not enough people cared. I have fought hard to save a lot of dogs. I have seen their faces…you never will and they will never haunt you. I’ve read about them before I even meet them, how they lick your face so pleased to see you. How they cuddle in close, shy and nervous in the strange kennels. I’ve seen beyond the uncaring owner, the unwanted litter and maybe even the dog that’s been fought and I’ve seen a dog that wants and even moreso DESERVES to live.

I have then gone out of my way to TRY to give that dog just one small thing. A rescue place. Maybe I will be able to help that dog and find it a loving forever home to be cherished in. Maybe the idea of rescue won't last forever, maybe the damage will be done and it's too late to safely do anything. But maybe I can just for a short time hold that dog and spoil it in a way it has possibly never known. Maybe I can show that dog that someone actually cared and that dog will know for a moment what it is to be loved.

Maybe I will have to do the best thing by that dog, the thing that will destroy me but I will put that dog first. Maybe I'll have to hold that dog as the life I tried to save ends, as it heart stops beating and it stops breathing.
Maybe I will and maybe a piece of me will die with it.
But I will tell you now what I won't do.

I WILL NOT back away from offering or attempting to keep that dog breathing because someone with a laptop wants to spin things around to achieve their own sick purpose. I WILL NOT let any single person stop me from standing up and offering a dog a chance of a life when I can offer that. I don’t care if that person is a scumbag owner or an internet cowboy who sits behind a computer and doesn’t see the flood of dead dogs that had no one to stand up for them.

You will not stop me offering but your lies and attacks may stop someone letting that dog have that place and when that dog is fighting to keep breathing and keep its heart beating you post your news reports because we all know how factual and unbiased they are. You post your posts with your incorrect guesswork. Each time you do that know that YOU helped end its life.

If you knew me, which you dont you would know im not a people person. And that is the fundamental difference between you and me!
YOU see the people and decide who is worthy.
I see the dog and they are ALWAYS worthy.

So I will be the one watching them die when your attacks take their toll and I'll be the one to mentally bury them while YOU keep digging them up again.
I am proud of all the dogs we have stood by, I am proud of all those we saved and I am proud of all the attempts we made even when we lost, because we put everything on the line to save those lives. When those dogs hearts stopped beating and they stop breathing we will remember them when you never even knew they existed. And each time you attack us because your dont like something I will know we did something you could never do. Put the dogs above everything else.
So you attack all you like. But ask yourself this: what do you think happened to the dogs you keep forgetting to mention in your latest attack? Because all you are doing is help create the title of this post. So you tell me…How proud are you of that?

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