Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Magnificent Seven - life begins!

A few weeks ago DDA Watch were asked to help with a number of dogs. The dogs had all been held as banned breeds by the police but further examination showed they were Not Guilty!

On 23rd June 7 of those dogs came into our care. Five of the seven were one year old males who were born in and spent their life to date in secret kennels. Their Mum, was also relased as was another female.

Now named Josie, Molly, Tigger, Harry, Cooper, Merlin and Boo their life starts now but they need your help.

Most of them have special diets and have or had skin complaints. All are entire and need neutering. All have great temprements but lack the training and socialisation they should have had. We will look after all seven dogs, rehabilitate them, neuter and eventually rehome them but we need your help to fund this fantastic journey. When they arrived they didnt even have a collar and costs are over £100 per day.

If you can help please donate even a few pounds. You can donate via paypal

or by bank transfer to

Lloyds TSB Bank PLC. 1 West Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 6AA.

Bank account name: DDA Watch

Sort code 30-94-41 Account number 31464960

Please help us to help them, we cant do it with out you !

And please keep checking back for updates on the magnificent seven as their life starts now!

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  1. These dogs have not had their basic needs met. Shouldn't that be illegal as they have been in the "care" of the government?