Monday, 13 June 2011

John Robinson

On Monday 6th June we recieved a call telling us that John Robinson, DDA Watch supporter, volunteer and friend had passed away.

Johns name may not ring bells with many as John didnt step out in the limelight but many of our supporters have met John. He was a driving force behind DDA Watch having been working alongside us before we even had a proper name. The very first vigil held for Bruce outside the Northern Ireland office was organised by John in just two weeks. If you received an email in response to the Saving Bruce campaign, you got your email from John.

If you attended Not Guilty! in 2010 you attended because John helped organise it. If you saw any of the tv or radio interviews you saw them because John calmed us down beforehand and helped us make sure we didnt mess it up. If you have been on our website and found it useful you have John to thank. He donated and designed and maintained the website.

If you think we can help get a repeal of BSL you think that because we had John always there, holding us up and pushing us on. He believed we could do it.

John was a true hero we were honoured to know and love and I know many felt the same way.

John will be making his final journey at 1pm on Monday 20th June. If you would like to say goodbye please attend:

Putney Vale Cemetery
Stag La
SW15 3DZ

and afterwards at

Kingston Lodge Hotel
Kingston upon Thames

Everyone is welcome. No flowers but if people would like to make a donation in Johns Memory the two closest to Johns heart were
Rescue Remedies
DDA Watch

We will miss you John xx


  1. Rest in Peace John, the fight will go on in your memory. We WILL get BSL repealed !
    God Bless.

  2. John was a lovely person, a calming voice, a level headed tireless worker for dogs and in helping dogs he helped people too, he wasn't flashy or loud, he was quiet and dignified, a positive guiding light carefully doing what was needed wherever injustice was evident. I will miss John's sense of humour, he kept us laughing when the going was tough and he was always there helping us to keep moving forward. My heartfelt condolences to Dee and everyone who knew and loved John. John you will never be forgotten.

  3. Good post,I love dogs! I am sorry to hear about John he sounds like a great man, I was doing research online on company registration when I somehow came across your blog.