Friday, 22 April 2011

Statement from Lennox's family (Dorset dog pts via the council dog warden)

Lennox’s family would like to thank the public, friends and strangers, for the overwhelming support they have received following the tragic loss of their pet dog Lennox. Lenny meant the world to us and it is incredibly emotional to see that in his death he has found more friends then he would ever have known in life. He would have loved that! So thank you.

At the moment we are still in the process of gathering all the information together. As soon as we can give you the specifics we will do so we would ask you to be patient with us while we do this. We are aware that many have suggested a protest should be arranged however at present this is not something we feel will be of benefit so would respectfully ask that anyone who does decide to protest does not do so in Lennox's name. When the time is right we will be happy to be involved but our priority now is gathering information and ensuring this does not happen again.

It is amazing when we think back to last week and we were just like many of you, a family with a dog getting ready to enjoy the summer. Everything now seems totally upsidedown but we will not let Lennox down now.

We love you Lenny boy, your always in our hearts, sleep well  x x

Lennoxs family speak to the Echo


  1. This is not the same lennox as in northern ireland. That lennox is alive and his owners are appealing x

  2. Poor Lennox must've been terrified. Humans act differently when terrified so why couldn't the council accept that dogs do, too?

    As for him needing tobe muzzled when going to the vets, my god, I've seen LOADS, and not just your apparent 'dangerous' dogs! Vets are scary places to some dogs(mine freaks if his paws are touched by them after a horrendous experience). It doesn't mean they have to be PTS because of it.

    Absolute nonsense that they couldn't have waited a few hours before putting him to sleep whilst they spoke to the owner.... Again, our canine friends let down by humans..