Monday, 13 December 2010

All you need at Christmas is a little Brandy and Karma!

As christmas 2010 counts down we thought the best xmas present we could give our wonderful supporters would be an update on the event of 2010....Brandy and Karma being found Not Guilty! after a staggering 18months in police kennels.

Brandy and Karma were just 6 months old when seized. There owner could not have them back so when the judge decided they were not banned breed the race was on to fundraise for kennel space and vet fees until  there future could be secured. And you didnt let them or us down.

Brandy and Karmas vet and kennel fees ran into past the hundreds and into the thousands but due to YOUR help both girls came into our care, had the treatment needed and as I type this both girls are in their new forever homes looking forward to their first ever christmas in a home. And boy are they going to get spoilt!!! So what happened after they left the kennels?


Karma arrives in our care.
Karma had a hormone imbalance when she came into season in the kennels and desperatly needed a foster home. Solicitor Tina Hay who had successfully won the case decided that Karma had best go and stay with her! The plan was as a foster dog to start with and if it all worked out Karma would stay for good. Karma was a fantastic house guest, great with the other dogs and Tinas young son but sadly one of Tinas dogs made it clear he wasnt happy with a new addition. After attempting to make friends of the two the hard decision was made that Karma would need to be homed elsewhere. Before moving on however Karma attended the Not Guilty Vigil in London which gave her the chance to show everyone the star that she really is.

So just as we were about to search for a new home for Karma an email arrived asking if she had a home and if not if we would consider them. A young couple just moving back to the UK wanted a dog to move into their new home with them. Karma fitted the bill and the homecheck was passed with flying colours. A meeting was arranged and a few hours later Karma was off to her new home.

Since she has been there we have been kept up to date with her progress and its clear Karma is one of the most loved dogs in the world! The "not on the sofa" rule doesnt exist and Karma is building a large fan base among her new family and friends.


After waving Karma off to her foster home from kennels, we said goodbye to brandy and headed home.   It seemed very wrong to leave one of the girls alone in kennels when they had always been together. So the next day we drove back to pick her up and bring her into our own home for fostering.

Brandy was much more nervous of the big world than Karma but loved the company of our dogs and our kids. However she proved herself very clever and was very easy to train. Within a few weeks she had all her basic training and was now doing tricks such as crawl and roll over.

 Home offers hadnt been right and a few months later Brandy was still with us. Myself and husband took Brandy into town and stopped at the bakers to buy her a sausage roll. She ate hers and then sat looking at us eating ours as tho we hadnt given her anything. Passers by laughed at the experssion on her face. As we carried on with the shopping my husband said "shes not going is she?" I replied "no, not really" and Brandy is now part of our family.

So as christmas approaches and 2010 begins to fade into the past remember that 2010 was the year you did something amazing. You saved two innocent dogs and gave them future. The updates may not come as often as we would like but every day that passes they spend happy, warm, safe and loved. Winning their case has helped others too as the tide is turning and more cases are being found not guilty giving those dogs the chance to live happy long lives. So while we cant thank you all personally we can show you the extent of what you have achieved this year and how that has helped push us all further forward to see a repeal of the draconian dangerous dogs act.

So from Brandy, Karma and all of us at DDAWatch