Friday, 30 July 2010

Are those in power ignoring the dog owning public?

Are those in power ignoring the dog owning public?

Ok, I know your all screaming “YES” at the computer screen already but I wonder if anyone remembers sending a letter to the Home Secretary in May of this year? Remember asking her about the Met police authorities request that deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse contact her to speed up the destruction of seized dogs? Remember being emailed back (oh the lucky few who got that email!) and told it wasn’t her problem and she was passing your email to Defra? That they will respond?

Did anyone ever hear anything?

I know we didn’t.

We even emailed Ms May asking her to come and meet the wonderful Brandy and Karma.

Never heard a peep. Amazing how quiet those in power become when they don’t like the questions isn’t it?

I know quite a few people put in complaints via the Met complaints regarding Julia Pendrys comments that it would be fantastic to destroy seized dogs. Anyone ever hear from them?

Didn’t think so.

A friend of mine often laughs and refers to me as “the turd that wont flush!” And I LOVE that! I have no idea if common sense will ever win out. I have no idea if the laws in this country will ever change for the better. But I do know that unless you keep pushing and repeating yourself over and over while never giving up, you don’t stand a chance.

So please start emailing again. Ask why they haven’t replied. Ask what they are going to do about it and DEMAND that they respond.

The Home Secretary contact details

Rt Hon Theresa May

Home Secretary

2 Marsham Street


SW1p 4DF


FAO Lord Henley


Nobel House

17 Smith Square

London SW1P 3JR

the Met Police Complaints

Your taxes pay their wages. They work for you. Make them earn their pay and let us know of any replies you get

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

MP’s call for repeal of draconian Dangerous Dogs Act

First a bill was presented to the House of Lords demanding an end of the failed Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (DDA) now a similar bill is said to have been presented to the House of Commons.

Andrew Rosindell former shadow minister for animal welfare, presented the bill yesterday stating

The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced in 1991-yes, by a Conservative Government-but it has obviously failed adequately to achieve what it set out to do. A key feature of the Act, contained in section 1, is a ban on the breeding, sale and ownership of specific types of dogs. However, it is not good enough to select a handful of breeds, based on their potential demeanour, and assume that simply eradicating them from society will dismantle the culture that they are bred from. That is an approach that takes no account of the behaviour or intentions of the criminals on the other end of the lead. Indeed, the real issue to be tackled is the behaviour of the owners. Any dog can be dangerous and cause harm; it is how the animal is reared and trained that matters most of all. That is why the current, breed-specific Dangerous Dogs Act does not work and should be repealed.

19 years have passed since the much-ridiculed Dangerous Dogs Act came into force. Since 1997 when mandatory destruction of dogs deemed to be illegal “types” was removed little has been done to correct the mistakes of the Act. Until now.

2010 has seen Lords and MPS call for an end of legislation aimed at the appearance of a dog. The main canine organisations have all called for an end of this barbaric unworkable law insisting that the owners should be tackled, rather than the dogs themselves.

Will 2010 be the year the Government wakes up and accepts it has made a mistake?
Please keep writing to your mps and to Downing Street to insist a full repeal of BSL. We will not accept half measures for a law that has proven in the most tragic ways to be a failure. Its time for BSL to go…and go NOW!

Write to Downing Street

10 Downing Street,



or your mp

Metropolitan Police refuse to disclose costs of failed legislation

Metropolitan Police refuse to disclose costs of failed legislation

The Metropolitan Police force is coming under fire again – this time for their refusal to disclose the cost to the taxpayer of enforcing the failed Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) 1991.

Anti BSL organisation DDAWatch requested the figures under the Freedom of Information Act on the 21st June 2010. Part of the request asked for the total cost to the Metropolitan police of kennelling, legal, transport and veterinary fees and any other associated costs related to holding dogs seized under the DDA between 1-1-2010 and 1-6-2010. DDAWatch, who monitor the legislation and assist owners affected by its enforcement have asked the same question on several occasions over a number of years and until this month it has always been given – so what has changed?

In the response given by Alex Norrie, Information Manager for the Met it states

“While it is accepted that accountability and demonstrating transparency in the use of public funds is a strong factor favouring disclosure, by disclosing the requested information, the commercial interests of a third
party may be compromised, along with the relationship the MPS has with
that party, and the MPS' own commercial interests. This would have a
corresponding effect on the ability of MPS to secure value for money in
the future.

I have therefore determined that greater weight must be given to
protecting the commercial interests of the third party and the MPS in this
instance. As such, it is my decision that the public interest favours
non-disclosure at this time.”

However Alison Green of DDAWatch says

“It’s almost laughable! We are in the middle of a recession, police forces across the country are having their budgets cut and losing police officers as a result yet we are told disclosing the cost to the taxpayer for enforcing this law is not in the public interest?

How can it compromise the interests of the third parties when the identities of those third parties are unknown? We have not asked where dogs are held or who provides the vet care. We have asked how much this legislation, which is failing spectacularly, is costing and they are more worried about protecting their “commercial interests”.

We will be appealing the decision and intend to take it as far as we need to in order that full disclosure on costs is given.”

The refusal will add to the mounting campaign to secure a repeal of the draconian Dangerous Dogs Act. DDAWatch held a very successful Vigil for Victims of Breed Specific Legislation on 24th July 2010 which was broadcast by the national media and have seen their support base steadily rise.

Monday, 26 July 2010

London Vigil gets national media coverage!

On 24th July 2010 Not Guilty! a Vigil for Victims of Breed Specific Legislation took place at Richmond Terrace London. With more than 150 attendees the call for repeal was heard across the nation as the BBC, ITV and Channel four news all broadcast our appeal.

As far as we know "our side" has not been broadcast in this way since the last time the Dangerous dogs act was amended in 1997 when mandatory destruction of dogs deemed "type" was removed.

The Vigil itself was an emotional rollcoaster. Many attending had been directly affected by the Act and had come from as far afield as Liverpool and Bradford to spend a few moments reflecting on how their lives had been turned upside down. Others approached with tales of their dogs, currently incarcerated having committed no crime other than in their appearance.

Passers by came up in their hundreds taking leaflets and contact details, many shocked at the stories avaliable to read on the railings. Such was the demand for leaflets that the 1000 we had ran out well before the vigil ended.

At 5pm members of DDAWatch and owner Sarah Anderson were escorted to 10 Downing street where hundreds of letters demanding repeal from members of the public were handed over. As the vigil continued more letters arrived. These will all be sent to the Prime Minister this week.

Actor and singer Jon lee attended and was duitfully kissed by Karma a young American Bulldog who had been held for 18 months before being found not guilty.  Karma was cuddled by adults and children before lying down in the middle of the crowd for a sleep! A wonderful example of why this law must be repealed.

At 6pm the vigil itself took place as Alison Green read from the handwritten scroll and flowers were laid in memory of those dogs no longer with us. Tears fell among those gathered as the names continued to be read out.

The Vigil comes just a few weeks away from the 19th anniversary of the Dangerous Dogs Act coming into force. There are louder calls for repeal now than ever before and the potential that in a years time this fight will no longer be needed. But until then we will continue to fight.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary and we WILL be back if any form of Breed Specific Legislation still exists in U.K. law. We hope you will join us.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Not guilty! -The Vigil - The checklist!!!

With the vigil just days away DDAwatch staff have dragged themselves out from under printer paper, ink and telephones to draw up a blog with all the details you need to make this Vigil the loudest clearest message to the Government we have seen this centuary!

We have had an AMAZING response so far so a massive thank you everyone! Please take a moment to read through the following and we REALLY look forward to meeting you all there!

To print out a map of Richmond terrace and to find the nearest tube/trains please click HERE

Please remember not to bring your dogs to the event. This is our turn to fight for them and they are much more interested in snoozing on your sofas! Any unexpected dogs will be turned away and we dont want to do that so please leave them at home.

Dont forget to bring drinks, any snacks and your cameras with you and please make sure any rubbish goes into a bin or you take it home with you. Also remember to keep any valuables with you at all times!

Please bring banners and if possible wear an anti bsl t shirt. There are prizes for the best t shirt, the best banner and after the event,  the best picture!

The media are likely to attend this event and may wish to speak to some of you. If you are involved in an ongoing case it is not wise to speak to the media about your case.

DDAWatch have a number of stewards at the vigil all recognisable by their Tshirts. They are a friendly bunch so please say hi and if you have any problems simply grab the nearest steward who will be happy to help.

If you are bringing a letter to the Prime Minister to the event PLEASE find a Steward as soon as you arrive and hand your letter to them. Please ensure your letter is in an envelope. The letters will be delivered to 10 Downing Street at 5pm prompt so make sure your letters are handed over in plenty of time.

If you are emailing your letter to us to take on your behalf please email it too BEFORE 1pm Friday! Any emails received after that time may not be able to be printed.

Remember, we are standing up against Breed Specific Legislation and as such have a point to prove. We are not irresponsible dog owners. We are not thugs. We are not criminals. We are polite upstanding members of the public and we say BSL must go now!

If you have any questions please email otherwise we look forward to seeing you all there!!

The very tired ddawatch team!!!!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Take part in the Letters for Lives Campaign!

As many of our supporters are aware on 24th July we are hosting Not guilty! A Vigil for victims of B.S.L. As part of the Vigil DDAwatch Representatives will be escorted (oooo!) to 10 Downing Street to hand in letters from the public (that's you!), asking for a repeal and saying why they think its important and explaining much of what BSL is doing in the UK today, in short letters asking for innocent lives to be spared.

You do not have to be attending the vigil to send in a letter and there are several ways of getting your letter to us to hand in on your behalf. We hope many of you will send letters in to really show that BSL has got to go and go NOW!

If you would like to join in please send us your letters in either of the following ways:

You can email us your letter and we will print it out and sign on your behalf. All letters being emailed should be sent to We will send confirmation email to let you know it has been received.

Alternatively you can post your letter to:

Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue Ltd

Post Office Box 1544, London, W7 2ZB
Please make sure all letters contain an address in order that the Prime ministers office can send a response directly to yourself.
We would like to read a selection of letters out at the vigil. If you do NOT want your letter read out please let us know.
It would be fantastic if we can keep the PM in reading material for the next year so PLEASE send as many letters as you can!!

Ideally we would like everyone to write a personal letter however if you would rather please see below for a possible template. You can use parts or the whole template.

Dear Prime Minister,

I am contacting you regarding Breed Specific Legislation in the U.K namely that which is contained within section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991  as amended.  This legislation is flawed and sadly 19 years have passed during which time the public has failed to be better protected and many innocent dogs have lost their lives or been restricted for a crime they have not committed. The legislation  has cost the taxpayer millions in order to continue to enforce a failed law.

We are meant to be an intelligent species yet our behaviour is more akin to past times and witch hunts. It is an accepted fact that no breed or type of dog is inherently dangerous and that environment and upbringing are more likely to be contributing factors to trully dangerous dogs. The phrase "deed not breed" has been around for many years yet the Government has refused to accept that they have made a mistake.

We ask you now to prove that we are indeed an intelligent species and one that is able to accept and correct past mistakes.

We ask you now to repeal section one of the dangerous dogs act and instead tackle dangerous owners.

Yours faithfully

Monday, 5 July 2010

Not Guilty! A Vigil for all Victims of BSL.

ast July we held a very successful Candle Light Vigil for Bruce.

This year we are hosting Not Guilty! A Vigil for all Victims of BSL.

The vigil will take place on Saturday 24th July from 4pm to 7pm at Richmond Terrace, City of Westminster, London, SW1A

Everyone is welcome but please note that NO DOGS ARE PERMITTED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. It is our turn to fight for them so their presence is not required and they would prefer the sofa at home anyway!!!

We are asking everyone who attends to write a personal letter stating why they are opposed to B.S.L. At 5pm two representatives of DDAWatch will be escorted to Downing Street to hand in your letters.

If you cannot attend but would like us to hand in a letter on your behalf please post your letter to:

Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue Ltd

Post Office Box 1544, London, W7 2ZB

Please ensure all letters are handsigned and ideally an address for any response to be sent directly back to yourself.

A selection of letters may be read out at the Vigil although names/addresses will not be given out. Please state on the reverse of your letter if you do not wish your letter to be read out.

Please bring posters and banners and keep all dialogue with the public polite and friendly. We wish to share our message in a positive and memorable way.

We have a job to do, to educate the public and campaign peacefully to the government and we need to engage rather than enrage.

We hope many of you will be able to attend the vigil and show your support for the repeal of Section One, DDA.

Please bring cameras and soft drinks. Poster and banner ideas will be uploaded to DDAWatch facebook group in the next few days.

We are also hoping to do a live broadcast of the event and would love to hear from anyone wishing to hold a similar event in their area. Please email for more info

To add a fun element to our peaceful vigil, there will be a mystery PRIZE for the best T-shirt of the day, best banner and after the event, best of photograph from the vigil, get creative folks!!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!