Friday, 28 May 2010

Open Letter to Home Secretary Theresa May

The following email has been sent to Ms May today. We will keep you informed of any response and hope Ms May takes up the offer.

Dear Ms May

Following on from my previous email (which I hope you have by now) I would like to formally invite you to come to West Sussex and meet Brandy and Karma, two wonderful friendly dogs held under section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 for 18 months. They were found not guilty.

They have never hurt anyone.

They have never shown any aggression.

They are still wonderful dogs.

As the topic continues to be debated in the press and Government I feel it would be of benefit for you to visit and see exactly what we are talking about. I hope to recieve your acceptance of this invitation shortly. Please feel free to contact me directly to arrange a suitable time to visit.
Kind Regards,

Alison Green

DDA Watch

0844 844 2900

07899 724 800

Not Guilty! Responses from the Home Office

It appears that a standard reply is being sent out in response to your emails to Theresa May. The response suggests that this is a matter for Defra and that your email has been re directed to them for reply. Please email back with the following as a suggested template:

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for your quick response to my email however I must insist that my initial correspondence be forwarded to Ms May. You will note that Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London is stated as contacting Ms May requesting powers to destroy dogs prior to a court hearing and a fair trial. It is therefore, a matter for Ms May to issue a response too.

I seek reassurance from Ms May that this would not be something she would allow and that she would be taking steps to repeal the legislation that has failed in such a spectacular fashion.

I look forward to hearing from her directly as swiftly as I have heard from you.

Kind regards.

again, feel free to copy DDAWatch in or Please keep us up to date with your replies...we will be heard!!!

Not Guilty! Campaign - Template letter

The following letter may be of use to those wishing to contact home Secretary Theresa May as part of the Not Guilty! campaign. Please feel free to change or add anything you wish. The same letter can be used with slight alterations to send to your own MP asking them to also push forward for Repeal of Section one and BSL.

Dear Theresa May

It is reported in the media that Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for London, has written to you requesting special powers to fast track the destruction of dogs seized by police in order to save kennelling costs.

One need only look at the recent cases of two American Bulldogs, Brandy and Karma ( ) to realise that such a policy would needlessly destroy innocent family pets that present no danger to the public and may deter owners accused of offences from disputing the charges for fear of their dog's life.

 It is noted that the Metropolitan Police seized 498 dogs accused of being illegal dogs between 28th Febuary 2009 and 1st Jan 2010. Only 28 of those dogs were held accused of being dangerously out of control in public. If the Government wish to save kennelling costs they should replace Breed Specific Legislation with something that actually works to make us safer without sweeping up hundreds of non-dangerous, but wrong-looking, pets.  

We have had 19 years of failed legislation. It has not reduced dog bites, it has not improved animal welfare and it has not encouraged responsible ownership, rather it has done the complete opposite.

I hope that you will swiftly refuse Mr. Malthouse's ill-considered request and push forward with legislation to end of this draconian Act and look forward to hearring your thoughts on the matter.

Yours sincerely,
Contact details for Theresa May:

Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Home Secretary

2 Marsham Street



You can find your MP details by Clicking here!

Please feel free to copy your emails to DDAWatch by sending to or We WILL respond to everyone!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Not Guilty! Campaign. - Taking the fight for repeal to the Home Office.

In 1991, a whole 19 years ago the so called Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) came into force bringing with it Breed specific legislation (BSL) . This legislation made itself known by way of Section one of the DDA which banned dogs that looked a certain way.

Fact: It did not ban dangerous dogs. It banned dogs that looked a certain way.

Fact: In the U.K it doesnt matter if that dog isnt actually an American Pit Bull Terrier. It could be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, it could be a cross does not matter what breed/s make up that dog. If it measures up, and it is a case of measuring up theres no blood test nor dna test, then that dog may well lose its life as a banned breed...a "dangerous dog".

Fact: between 28th Febuary 2009 and 1st Jan 2010 the Metropolitian Police seized 498 dogs  under section 1 of the Act as alledged pit bull types. 470 of those dogs had committed no crime other than be accused of looking a certain way yet would still spend time in secure kennels at the taxpayers expense.

Fact: over the next four years it is estimated to cost the Met police ALONE nearly ten million pounds to keep taking these dogs...our dogs. And YOU are paying for it out of your taxes!

Fact: The rounding up and killing of hundreds of dogs that look a certain way has NOT reduced the number of dog bites, protected the public, improved animal welfare or encouraged responsible ownership.

Fact: Whenever an example of a knee jerk reaction is needed, whenever an example of failed legislation is given, it is nearly always the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991 that is used. Because it failed and it will always fail.

So here we are in 2010.

Now, Lord Harris doesnt want to spend ten million pounds holding these dogs. He thinks we should shoot them. Julia Pendry from the Met police "status dog "unit thinks that would be "fantastic". Deputy Mayor of London,  Kit Malthouse is alledged to have contacted the Home Secretary Theresa May to request powers to kill dogs within 72 hours of seizure.

Heres what we suggest: REPEAL SECTION ONE. Get rid of it. It doesnt work.

Its not 1991 anymore. We have the Internet. We can contact our MPs at the click of a button. We can watch what is happening in parliament in our own time in the comfort of our own homes. We can ask questions and gather the facts. We can fight in a way that has never happened before.

And that is what we intend to do and what we are asking you to join us in.

Over the next few days we will be asking you to take part in our Not Guilty! campaign, a campaign to protect dogs who have never done anything to cause anyone any fear of injury.

We will post up ways YOU can help to protect our dogs and by doing so, push the focus on irresponsible owners and take workable steps to protect the public, improve animal welfare and promote responsible ownership. 

Singer songwriter Maria Daines has already stepped forward writing the theme song for the Campaign which you can hear in the video below.  The song is based on the story of Brandy and Karma, two dogs held for 18 months accused of being illegal breeds before finally being found not guilty and ordered to be returned. They are now in the care of DDAWatch who assissted the fight for their survival. They would be dead by now if certain people had their way.

No more wasted taxes, no more dogs dying because of our failures. Please watch the video below and make it one of the most watched videos on Youtube.

As a first step of the campaign we are asking everyone around the world to contact the Home Secretary Theresea May and demand that this legislation be repealed NOW!

Rt Hon Theresa May MP
Home Secretary
2 Marsham Street

A template letter will be posted shortly for those wishing to use one. Please ensure your emails and letters do not include an obvious heading as we wish to ensure they are read!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Your chance to win a years membership to K9 Magazine!

K9 Magazine have kindly donated ten 12 month memberships to DDAWatch in order to help raise funds for the Brandy and Karma appeal. Ryan Omeara, Editor of K9Magazine said

The Dangerous Dogs Act is a draconian, unfair law that penalises dogs based on nothing more than what the dog looks like. It costs the tax payer millions to pay for and has been completely useless in actually reducing the number of dog attacks. No country can call itself a nation of animal lovers whilst it endorses Government funded killing of dogs on the basis of what breed they may or may not be. Dogs like Brandy and Karma are the epitome of why everything about the Dangerous Dogs Act is wrong. Fine dogs who would make fantastic, lifelong companions. We should be encouraging the country to care more about animal welfare, not having our taxes spent on a law which ensnares innocent dogs by virtue of nothing more than their appearance.

Until midnight (GMT) on Tuesday 8th June every £2 donation via the button below will generate a number which will be emailed to you within 24 hrs of your donation. On 9th June all numbers will be put into a hat and the ten lucky winners will be picked at random. Winning numbers will be posted here and all winners contacted by email.

You can donate as much as you wish and for each £2 you will recieve a number and this is not exclusive to the U.K so anyone anywhere in the world can help two very worthy dogs and access the world of K9magazine.
To make a donation simply click here: K9Magazine/Karma and Brandy Appeal


The 12 months membership includes:

K9 Magazine: Monthly magazine, delivered direct to your in-box (RRP £3.95 per issue)

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For more information on K9Magazine please see here:

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Met police urged to destroy all dogs in their care- TAKE ACTION NOW!

A shocking article published on the BBC News website has stated pressure is being put on the Met police to destroy all dogs. Plans by the Met to outsource kenneling  which could cost as much as 10 million over four years has reportedly  led to Lord Harris, former Metropolitan Police Authority chairman, asking "Why don't we just put them down?"

Supt Julie Pendry is also quoted as saying:

Supt Julia Pendry, who is responsible for the Met's status dogs unit, said the force must operate within the law.

"It would be absolutely fantastic if we could destroy these dogs," she said.

"Unfortunately it is a criminal offence because the property belongs to other people.

"Secondly, the RSPCA would probably prosecute me, and people like Defra and the national press would have a field day if we started killing dogs that were people's pets," she added.


It is illegal to put dogs down without a court order or owner consent and at present they cannot do so but particaully the comments quoted as being from Ms Pendry show a bias...and that is a bias that could become legal if we let them.

As many of our supporters are aware we are currently caring for two dogs Brandy and Karma who had been held by the Met police for 18 months accused of being illegal breeds. Karma and brandy have never hurt anyone nor shown any aggression. Alongside a third dog the Met pressed charges while the owner refused to accept they were banned. HE WAS CORRECT. the courts found the dogs not to be type and ordered them to be returned.

 Three dogs, 18 months costly a minimum of £17 per dog per night. Rough maths that equals £27922.50 in kennel fees alone. All for dogs who had not done anything wrong.

The problem is not the dogs. The problem is the legislation does not tackle dangerous dogs. It tackles dogs that look a certain way. Time for REPEAL.

Please contact the BBC today and tell them how you feel about the quotes. Point Brandy and Karmas story out to them.

You can contact the BBC by clicking here.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Karma and Brandy - One week on.

One week ago today Brandy and Karma were finally released after spending 18 months kept away from the world in secluded police kennels. Seized  accused of being illegal pit bull types, despite papers showing them to be American bulldogs, a lengthy court battle followed when a team of experts proved Karma and Brandy to be legal dogs. The judge found them not guilty and ordered them to be returned.

Sadly their heartbroken owner was no longer allowed to keep dogs at his home. With no where  to go both dogs would have died so DDA Watch alongside Endangered dogs defence and rescue and one life rescue agreed to take them.

Today exactly one week after their release we spent the morning with them. Karma is in season and feeling very down so we asked Brandy how she felt being free . We managed to catch her response on film which can be seen below. We will let you decide what Brandy thinks!

However we have had to board them which has not been cheap. We have had to get vet treatment for both dogs. And we could not do it without the wave of support Brandy and Karma have found across the world. So far your donations have ensured both dogs safety for 17 days in boarding.

We have also been given many wonderful items which we are acutioning on Ebay, all procceds going directly to the Brandy and Karma fund. There are still a few days left to go so you still have a chance of nabbing one of the following:

A framed acrylic original painting of a red pit bull
A framed acrylic original painting of a blue pit bull
A framed acrylic original painting of Brandy and Karma
A collection of 4 SIGNED CDs by Maria Daines/Paul Killington
A collectable Caroline Shotton Print "Wayne and Bruno"
Click here to see all items

We have also been donated 10 memberships to K9 Magazine which we will be raffling off very soon! Keep checking back for details! week on :)

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Original artwork and signed cds on auction for the Brandy and Karma appeal

DDAWatch have had three wonderful donations to auction with all proceeds going directly to the Brandy and Karma appeal.

We have two original art works by UK artist Mary Coe. The first features a red pit bull click here to view and bid the second  a blue pit bull  Click here to view and bid both painted in acrylics. The paintings are approximately 11in by 9in, in wooden frames. Both start at a tiny 99p with just £5 postage for UK bidders.

More of Marys work can be seen here.

We also have a collection of 4 signed cds by singer/songwriter Maria Daines, includes Shelter Me, Treebone, Wisdom's Tooth and Music United For Animals. All cds will be signed by both Maria and Paul. If you would like them signed personally as a gift please advise at time of payment. again starting at 99p but with free postage within the UK. click her to view and bid.

More of Marias work can be seen here.

Our thanks go to Mary and Maria and Paul for such wonderful donations! Please bid generously !

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Brandy and Karma appeal

Please take a moment to watch the followng video and please donate if you can. Even a few pounds will help us to keep these two girls safe until they find their forever homes.