Friday, 13 August 2010

Heartbreak as authorities lose seized dog.

A Hertfordshire family have been left devastated after police seized their much loved family pet …and then lost her.

Tootsie, an 18 month old staffie or ridgeback cross was seized on Tuesday morning after police acted on a warrant believing that Tootsies was a “pit bull type”. As the law allows, Tootsie was seized and taken to a secret location to await an examination to determine if she fitted the standard used for a banned breed. However Tootsies owner Mikala Coulthard received a telephone call later that day to say that when they went to check on Tootsie she was missing leaving her family heartbroken.

Mikala says “We have been trying to get some information from the police but they will not disclose any information as to what area she was taken to or escaped from! I understand the need for not disclosing where the kennels are but how can we look for her when we don’t know where to look? All they keep saying is she must have jumped a 6.5 fence and that they have officers out looking for her.

Tootsie is a family pet and has never been in any trouble before. She lives with children who keep asking when shes coming home and another dog who is pining for her.

Tootsie is friendly with people and dogs and we are worried that it’s been nearly 3 days now. She will be cold, tired and hungry and we beg anyone to please call if they see her. It may be someone has taken her into their home and we would ask those people to please contact the police on 0845 33 00 222 so we can get our baby back!”


  1. If she's 'type' Im the Queen of Sheba!!

  2. This poor dog shows that any dog could be next..she is nothing like a pitbull.

  3. Typical of the police,,,This dog is no more pit bull than I am. She is very clearly Rhodesian ridgback x labrador. and surely the twits that lost her should be helping the family to find her.... If she was my dog I'd be heartbroken. hope you find her soon...and they start to act responsibly..

  4. It's disgusting that she was seized in the first place, they need to find her fast and give her back to her owners, she's no more a Pitbull than my Spaniel is. Shame on them !!!

  5. The whole dangerous dogs act was a knee jerk reaction at it's start and now has become something that will varie from one examiner to another.
    A dog is usually something to do with it's owner and upbringing rather than it's breed?