Thursday, 8 July 2010

Take part in the Letters for Lives Campaign!

As many of our supporters are aware on 24th July we are hosting Not guilty! A Vigil for victims of B.S.L. As part of the Vigil DDAwatch Representatives will be escorted (oooo!) to 10 Downing Street to hand in letters from the public (that's you!), asking for a repeal and saying why they think its important and explaining much of what BSL is doing in the UK today, in short letters asking for innocent lives to be spared.

You do not have to be attending the vigil to send in a letter and there are several ways of getting your letter to us to hand in on your behalf. We hope many of you will send letters in to really show that BSL has got to go and go NOW!

If you would like to join in please send us your letters in either of the following ways:

You can email us your letter and we will print it out and sign on your behalf. All letters being emailed should be sent to We will send confirmation email to let you know it has been received.

Alternatively you can post your letter to:

Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue Ltd

Post Office Box 1544, London, W7 2ZB
Please make sure all letters contain an address in order that the Prime ministers office can send a response directly to yourself.
We would like to read a selection of letters out at the vigil. If you do NOT want your letter read out please let us know.
It would be fantastic if we can keep the PM in reading material for the next year so PLEASE send as many letters as you can!!

Ideally we would like everyone to write a personal letter however if you would rather please see below for a possible template. You can use parts or the whole template.

Dear Prime Minister,

I am contacting you regarding Breed Specific Legislation in the U.K namely that which is contained within section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991  as amended.  This legislation is flawed and sadly 19 years have passed during which time the public has failed to be better protected and many innocent dogs have lost their lives or been restricted for a crime they have not committed. The legislation  has cost the taxpayer millions in order to continue to enforce a failed law.

We are meant to be an intelligent species yet our behaviour is more akin to past times and witch hunts. It is an accepted fact that no breed or type of dog is inherently dangerous and that environment and upbringing are more likely to be contributing factors to trully dangerous dogs. The phrase "deed not breed" has been around for many years yet the Government has refused to accept that they have made a mistake.

We ask you now to prove that we are indeed an intelligent species and one that is able to accept and correct past mistakes.

We ask you now to repeal section one of the dangerous dogs act and instead tackle dangerous owners.

Yours faithfully


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  2. Don't be prejudiced+ omnipotent in your attitude towards BSL! Or is it really the few thugs that have mistreated thier dogs are making the rest of the respectful society pay!The punishment should be harsher for those terrible people who mistreat thier dogs.The police are too scared+unable to get these people+go for the easy target as it looks like they are doing something!Tell me Im wrong!

  3. MAKE A CHANGE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A few minutes of your time could help change things, send your letters now

  5. What is the address to write directly to the PM by snail mail? I think it would be more attention getting. I could also send you a copy.

    I had a mixed breed who was part Pit and trained himself to be a service dog. They are really smart, loving, and loyal!

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  7. What is wrong with people, their are no bad dog just bad owners.

    I own 6 Staffordshire bull terrier and can safely run all off them off lead and know they wont hurt anyone.

    Its the thugs that train the dogs to fight and be aggressive that need to be put on the danger list.