Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Not guilty! -The Vigil - The checklist!!!

With the vigil just days away DDAwatch staff have dragged themselves out from under printer paper, ink and telephones to draw up a blog with all the details you need to make this Vigil the loudest clearest message to the Government we have seen this centuary!

We have had an AMAZING response so far so a massive thank you everyone! Please take a moment to read through the following and we REALLY look forward to meeting you all there!

To print out a map of Richmond terrace and to find the nearest tube/trains please click HERE

Please remember not to bring your dogs to the event. This is our turn to fight for them and they are much more interested in snoozing on your sofas! Any unexpected dogs will be turned away and we dont want to do that so please leave them at home.

Dont forget to bring drinks, any snacks and your cameras with you and please make sure any rubbish goes into a bin or you take it home with you. Also remember to keep any valuables with you at all times!

Please bring banners and if possible wear an anti bsl t shirt. There are prizes for the best t shirt, the best banner and after the event,  the best picture!

The media are likely to attend this event and may wish to speak to some of you. If you are involved in an ongoing case it is not wise to speak to the media about your case.

DDAWatch have a number of stewards at the vigil all recognisable by their Tshirts. They are a friendly bunch so please say hi and if you have any problems simply grab the nearest steward who will be happy to help.

If you are bringing a letter to the Prime Minister to the event PLEASE find a Steward as soon as you arrive and hand your letter to them. Please ensure your letter is in an envelope. The letters will be delivered to 10 Downing Street at 5pm prompt so make sure your letters are handed over in plenty of time.

If you are emailing your letter to us to take on your behalf please email it too BEFORE 1pm Friday! Any emails received after that time may not be able to be printed.

Remember, we are standing up against Breed Specific Legislation and as such have a point to prove. We are not irresponsible dog owners. We are not thugs. We are not criminals. We are polite upstanding members of the public and we say BSL must go now!

If you have any questions please email otherwise we look forward to seeing you all there!!

The very tired ddawatch team!!!!!

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