Wednesday, 28 July 2010

MP’s call for repeal of draconian Dangerous Dogs Act

First a bill was presented to the House of Lords demanding an end of the failed Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (DDA) now a similar bill is said to have been presented to the House of Commons.

Andrew Rosindell former shadow minister for animal welfare, presented the bill yesterday stating

The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced in 1991-yes, by a Conservative Government-but it has obviously failed adequately to achieve what it set out to do. A key feature of the Act, contained in section 1, is a ban on the breeding, sale and ownership of specific types of dogs. However, it is not good enough to select a handful of breeds, based on their potential demeanour, and assume that simply eradicating them from society will dismantle the culture that they are bred from. That is an approach that takes no account of the behaviour or intentions of the criminals on the other end of the lead. Indeed, the real issue to be tackled is the behaviour of the owners. Any dog can be dangerous and cause harm; it is how the animal is reared and trained that matters most of all. That is why the current, breed-specific Dangerous Dogs Act does not work and should be repealed.

19 years have passed since the much-ridiculed Dangerous Dogs Act came into force. Since 1997 when mandatory destruction of dogs deemed to be illegal “types” was removed little has been done to correct the mistakes of the Act. Until now.

2010 has seen Lords and MPS call for an end of legislation aimed at the appearance of a dog. The main canine organisations have all called for an end of this barbaric unworkable law insisting that the owners should be tackled, rather than the dogs themselves.

Will 2010 be the year the Government wakes up and accepts it has made a mistake?
Please keep writing to your mps and to Downing Street to insist a full repeal of BSL. We will not accept half measures for a law that has proven in the most tragic ways to be a failure. Its time for BSL to go…and go NOW!

Write to Downing Street

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  1. If BSL was taken away, would that mean you could import pitbull into the UK from America and Europe?

    If so, there would be a hugh surge of Pitbull enthusiasts importing American bred and European bred game Pitbulls into the country (myself included). There are over 20,000 pitbull (not staffs)lovers in this country, if people started bringing in pure game bred pitbulls into the UK once the BSL has been removed, how will that affect this new law?

    Secondly, how will the new law affect dog handlers who breed/import dogs for security/police. Lots of security dogs are one-owner dogs (not all of them) and may be considered dangerous if to be examined by an 'expert'. Would this mean they would get taken away.

    The law would have to address dogs which are bred for personal protection, guarding, security, police, military, Schutzhund, IPO, French Ring sport. Lots of these dogs may be considered to be dangerous if looked at from a 'experts' point of view who may not understand working dogs.

    Also, when training protection/security dogs, if a member of public was to see training and called the police saying " there are some people teaching there dogs to bite people" would they be destroyed too?

    Comments people?