Thursday, 29 April 2010

Not guilty – but still locked up for 18 months – Now they need your help.

Not guilty – but still locked up for 18 months – Now they need your help.

Today a friend and myself had the most amazing time. We spent a lovely warm spring afternoon in the company of two young dogs. We walked; we played, sunbathed and had the greatest day. What made the day even more fantastic was that the two dogs we had the pleasure of having in our care had just spent 18 months, a huge majority of their life, locked up in secret kennels. A week earlier I was sure they would be dead by today.

In December 2008 at just a few months of age they were seized as alleged pit bull types. Papers showing them to be American bulldogs made no difference and the prosecution proceeded with the lengthy process of a court hearing. But there was now an added problem. Their owner was no longer allowed to keep the dogs at his home. If they were deemed to be pit bull types, they would certainly die. If they were found not guilty and but had no where to go, they would die.

Tina Hay of Wheldon Law took on the case and instructed Barrister Giles Morrison to represent the owners in court. Kendal Shepherd was called in as Breed Expert for the defence. To those people DDA Watch, EDDR and One Life Rescue extend again their heartfelt thanks for without them these dogs would indeed be dead.

Ms Shepherd examined the dogs and determined them not to be type but to be American bulldogs…now all we had to do was convince the court. Giles Morrison acting for Tina Hay argued for the dogs over the two days. Winning a type case is very hard to do, very few win. As the Judge retired to consider the evidence nerves ran high…if we lost the dogs would die…if we didn’t…what on earth could we do with dogs who have really only ever known a kennel?

Then the verdict came back – Not Guilty!

After 18 months of fighting we could NOT let them die because there was no where to go so DDA Watch, with help from Endangered dogs and One Life Rescue agreed to place both dogs.

And this is what we have done and this is why I have just had the most fantastic day. They are both alive and they are both loving wonderful dogs.

But they also need vet care. Both are underweight, have sore feet and what appears to be urine stains. We have some concerns regarding one of the dogs health which will be costly if as we fear. We are having to kennel them which is costing £23 a night. But we couldn’t let them die could we?

We have done as much as we can and so far we have been rewarded with two wonderful happy young dogs. Now I have to ask if you can help us keep them safe until their homes are found? Can you spare a few pounds towards the kennelling and vet care?

Please donate if you can via the following means. Please mark it “for Brandy and Karma”

Via Paypal and send to Please mark it “For Karma and Brandy”

Please post a cheque to: Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue, Post Office Box 1544, London W7 2QA.

Please make the cheque payable to 'Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue' and write “for brandy and karma” on the reverse. Please include your contact details so that we can acknowledge your donation.


  1. how is it ok for these cases to have the dogs kept in kennels where they're suffering , if it wasn't the state doing it the RSPCA would be involved doing the perpetrator fpr neglect poor souls, so pleased you won :)

  2. good grief, ANYONE WITH A BRAIN can look at these photos and instantly see they are American BULLDOGS, not pit bulls.

    None of my dogs, not the three pitties, the two bull terriers, or the greyhound could stand being kenneled away from their people for 18 months. They were pining after two weeks before their rescue.
    Thank you for fighting for justice and common sense, and once that fight was won, now fighting to save their mental and physical health. Dogs are resilient and fortunately for the fools that imprisoned them and took away their home, they don't hold grudges.

    PLEASE fosters and adopters, step forward. My home is full...

  3. Excellently amazing... Hats off to your creativity man…this is a world-class write-up which I think should be read by every citizen of the world. I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention. People should understand its importance as well…