Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Saving Bruce...Update March 2010

On Tuesday 9th March 2010 a further appeal hearing will take place to determine the future of a Bruce "a good dog".

Bruce was seized on 19th September 2007 under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) 1991. His crime was simply the way he looked. Bruce has never hurt anyone nor shown any aggression to anyone. Dog friendly and people friendly Bruce has been held in secret kennels for nearly 3 years at the taxpayers expense.  While in the kennels Bruces health suffered greatly and he had to have his tail amputed. Despite this his temprement is still fantastic.

Its time Bruce went home where his family and waiting and hoping.

For more information on the story so far please see the links below.


  1. Does anyone beleive that Bruce will ever be released by those Northern Ireland Terrorists Sinn Fein,the individual here is that Witch Michelle Gildenew.I have written on a number of occassions she lies by ommission,she blames the owner of not following the court order but forgets to mention one of the conditions was to get insurance for Bruce,which apparently in Nothern Ireland is not available by any insurance company.
    When last did anyone see Bruce?