Saturday, 13 March 2010

One Dog at a Time - Saving the strays of Helmand.

One Dog at a Time - Saving the strays of Helmand.

When an email popped into my in box asking if we would review a book I was interested. The blurb in the email read:

During his tour of duty in Helmand Province, Marine Pen Farthing is appalled by the horrors of a local dog fight and intervenes to free the victims. One of these dogs finds his way into the Marine compound - and into Pen's heart. Soon other strays are being drawn to the sanctuary provided by Pen's makeshift pound, including one young mum who crawls under the compound fence carrying her newborn pups to safety. But as his time in Helmand draws to an end, Pen cannot leave the dogs of Now Zad to their own fates. He begins hatching plans to help them escape to a better life…

When the book arrived I put it on the side. I would read it later. Today (a good week or so later!) I picked up the book for a little downtime, my downtime ended when I finished the book several hours later.

Pen Farthings harrowing TRUE account had me hooked. I cheered as Pen faced a group of dog fighters and resisted the urge to “smash one of them into tomorrow”. I grinned as Pen and friends acquired dog after dog and it slowly dawned on them they had no plan on what to do with the dogs when they left their posting. I laughed as they described the dog’s exploits; one in particular seemed to be as scatty as one of my own dogs. I cried…oh god did I cry as some of the canine friends we had been introduced to never made it to a home of their own.

I finished reading this book a couple of hours ago. I still have the lump in my throat. I don't want to give to much away about the story and the ups and downs so I'll stop there. I have read “Marley and Me” which went on to to be a massive big screen hit. I have read “Walking Ollie”, and many other tales of the human canine bond.

But 'One Dog at a Time' is the best I have EVER read and is not getting the attention it deserves. Pen Farthing and Nowzad dogs, the charity he set up following his remarkable situation in war torn Afghanistan are not getting the attention they deserve.

This book is not just the story of a dog, it's the story of one mans attempt to do the right thing, when doing the right thing appears to be an impossible task.

Please take a look at Nowzad's website and please support them in any way you can. One Dog at a Time is out on paperback on 15th April.  Please buy the book and see what happens when you take the dog fighters away from the dog.

We have 5 copies to give away to the first five (uk only sorry!) people who email us with the following question:

Nowzad dogs is a registered Charity…what's their mission statement?
Email your answers too

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  1. Thank you so much Alison for supporting the work of the Nowzad Dogs charity! We really apprecaite it.

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    Pen F
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