Friday, 19 March 2010

Is your breed at risk from the Defra consultation ?

Dda Watch have had a large number of enquiries asking whether we believe the Government will add more breeds to the list of currently banned types. DDA Watch believe that unless people make a stand NOW there is every chance of more breed types being added.

In the notes that accompany the Defra consultation it states that many organisations believe BSL and banning of breeds does not work however it goes on to say:

“However many correspondents to Defra and some representatives of the local authorities take the view that the list of dogs specified should be further extended to protect the public. They believe breed specific legislation should include all bull breed types including Staffordshire bull terriers. It has also been suggested that other breeds such as the Japanese akita be added to the list of prohibited breeds.”

The Association of Chief Police Officers are also mentioned within the consultation. They state that while BSL is not easy to enforce, there is no alternative. There are alternatives, its just they don’t seem to be interested in those!

So we contacted the ACPO and asked them if they would be looking to add further breeds/types to the banned list and, if so, which breeds they hoped to add. Below is their response:

“Over the coming months, ACPO will be looking at all available options. I couldn’t rule out that ACPO would not advocate proscribing further breeds, but particular breeds are not the thrust of our concern. “

While particular breeds may not be the thrust of the ACPO concern, they clearly are to some who have contacted Defra. Their failure to rule out the addition of more breeds means that your breed IS at risk.

It is time to band together and fight against BSL while pushing for fair and effective laws aimed at the IRRESPONSIBLE owners of all dogs, whatever that breed of dog may be. We must act on this now, before its too late.

Please join our fan page on facebook and help repeal Breed Specific Legislation DDA Watch Fan Page before your dog is next.


  1. Can we please email Hilary Benn, Secretary of State for Animal Welfare, in big numbers, and make our feelings clear? If dozens, or preferably hundreds of us do it, he'll have to take notice. Oh and please be careful who you vote for in the next election!

  2. Queenie dozens,hundreds or even 1000's will make little difference to politicians,what will make a difference if many go public and put ticks on other candidates names and advise certain politicos that this is taking place,even going canvassing for an opposition that is a DCH(Decent Human Being).
    The problem the animal lovers face is that the politician is using BSL to campaign with,their target market is the SM(stupid masses) to whom and with help from unscrupulous media he the politico creates a fear campaign,many of these evil politico's and many of these stupid masses have never even seen a pitbull let alone seen an attack,but beleive the garbage from the media.
    No different to what Hitler with the help of Goebbels did to the German people in the late 30's,the victims in that era were the Jews.Absolutely No Difference.

  3. I disagree Smarock, Every little bit helps and even one email is better than none. Votes alone will not change the way they think. Once in power they simply change their minds. Constant pressure from the public however may make them think twice.

  4. DDAWatch,am not suggesting that not everything helps,petitions,letters etc.The problem,is always that when the law BSL has been in place like the UK for 20 odd years,the politicos are Scared to repeal as it is an open admission of failure on there part and remember their other source of votes is from what I refer to as the
    "stupid masses" who have been "brainwashed" with the help of not so honest media,these sm's are genuinely fearful of dogs(pitbulls)even if they have never seen one.The politico will lose their votes as well.
    Just my view after fighting Hitler's Law for nearly 10 years that the only aspect feared by polticians is losing their power.