Tuesday, 24 November 2009

All you need for Xmas is....

Oh yes its that time of year again. You know the one, where your inlaws buy you that "delightful" jumper that you think will make a great lining to your dogs bed. Everyone starts yelling at you for ideas on what to buy you this year and all your thinking is "please dont get me such and such" and wishing for a holiday somewhere away from the madness.

Well this year I am actually going to plug something as a must have for ALL dog owners out there. Its inexpensive, great value for money and alongside potentially saving you thousands of pounds it will bring you great peace of mind. This magical thing I refer to is Dog's Trust Membership .

Now this isnt a straightforward plug to back your local rescue or anything like this. Dog's Trust membership comes at a mere £20 for a year or £500 lifetime membership. If aged over 60 the membership is only £10 yearly. The gem with becoming a DT member is each person who joins up is covered by third party liability insurance for up to ten dogs in their household to a value of £1,000,000 per claim. This covers you against any damage to any person, their property or their pets by your dog.

Many people will find their health insurance includes third party liability cover but some health insurance doesnt cover it and those of you who for whatever reason do not have any cover, this is a must have this year. You can have the most well behaved dog in the world but accidents happen and having to speak to owners who have found that accident happen to them we are very aware the stress and worry of not having cover is huge.

The insurance covers all dogs, pure or cross provided the dogs are pet dogs and not working animals. At present the insurance is not avaliable for dogs registered on the Index of Exempted dogs. I also contacted DT directly to check that certain breeds such as American Bulldogs are covered and they are.

Alongside the Insurance cover DT membership also gives you 24 hour, 365 days of the year access to VetfoneTM,  which provides 24 hour emergency advice from qualified veterinary nurses.

Peace of mind with their Canine Care Card. The guarantee that Dogs Trust will take care of your dog should anything happen to you.

FREE copies of Wag! magazine three times a year – containing full details of all our activities and the latest doggy news.

Voting rights on all the important issues that affect Dogs Trust.

So when the rellies start asking if you like pink send them the following link and get covered this Xmas http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/howtohelp/membership/memfaq/#269968

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Minister asked to rethink position on BSL by BVA President

Minister asked to rethink position on BSL by BVA President:

Bruce, a family pet kept on ‘canine death row’ has been held since seized from his family in September 2007 for looking the wrong shape and size as outlawed under breed specific legislation in Northern Ireland. Now top vet Professor Bill Reilly has spoken out against the legislation and urged a rethink on the Government’s position.

For Bruce a staggering two years has passed whilst his legal case is ongoing even though he has never put a paw wrong in his life and he’s not alone in this legal nightmare where life hangs in the balance and Bruce and others are confined to a concrete cell and cruelly denied the family homes they once knew.
This surely cannot be the actions of a civilized society when in fact it is irresponsible and uneducated breeders and owners who are the problem, not breeds or ‘types’ of dogs?

The annual BVA North of Ireland Dinner held at the Parliament Buildings in Stomont, Northern Ireland took place on the 29th October 2009, addressing the Dinner was the recently newly appointed President of the BVA; Professor Bill Reilly.

Speaking before guests including the Northern Ireland Minister for Agriculture & Rural Development, Michelle Gildernew MP MLA, Jim Nicholson MEP and several other politicians as well as veterinary professionals, Bill Reilly covered several “core topics” including that of breed specific legislation (BSL).

A copy of the full speech can be found on the BVA web site, in relation to BSL, Professor Reilly said:

“Dogs are also hitting the headlines through the recent announcement of new control measures. I was shocked to read that one third of all dogs destroyed in the UK are in Northern Ireland – clearly the dual problems of dangerous and stray dogs are an enormous drain on your resources.

We welcome your commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership, but we are disappointed with the proposal to retain breed-specific legislation.

The manner in which a dog behaves is both a result of its inherited characteristics and, more importantly, the rearing and training provided by its owner.

We know that aggression is a normal behaviour and can be shown by any dog of any breed, type or mixed breeding. Breed-specific legislation therefore engenders a false and dangerous perception that breeds not banned will not show aggression.

I would urge the Minister to rethink her position on this issue and shift the focus of control to ‘deed not breed’, alongside a concerted campaign to promote responsible pet ownership.“

Minister Michelle Gildernew has given a written response to the BVA President’s speech at the BVA Dinner and in relation to the comments on BSL has stated:

“I note your comments on my proposals for dog control legislation and in particular on the issue of breed specific legislation.
Subject to Executive approval, I plan to begin consultation in November on my proposals.
I will ensure that the BVA receives a copy of the consultation document and I would clearly value the Association's input on my full proposals at that stage.”
It is heartening to hear that the leader of the BVA has spoken out against breed specific legislation and has urged the Minister to rethink her position on this issue.
Breed bans do simply not work and are costing millions of pounds to implement whilst failing dismally to protect the public whilst innocent adult dogs and puppies are being held in kennels at huge public expense awaiting court hearings to determine their fate with a tape measure or being automatically put to death and all based solely on their appearance.

Please support the President of the BVA and write to Minister Gildernew and urge her to repeal breed specific legislation in Northern Ireland and to spare the life of Bruce and other family pets currently caught up in this unjust and unworkable legal nightmare:

Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (DARD):

Email: dardhelpline@dardni.gov.ie  & private.office@dardni.gov.uk

Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development - Michelle Gildernew, MP MLA:

Email: Michelle.Gildernew@sinn-fein.ie

British Veterinary Association - Presidents Office:


Written by Endangered Dogs.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Kit Malthouse, Bananas and Appendicitis.

Question: What do Kit Malthouse, Bananas and Appendicitis have in common?

Answer: All are pointless,slightly annoying  little things. None of them actually do much although bananas are quite a favorite food for chimps.Chimps being the creatures we are said to be related to only us humans are suposed to be more evolved. Hey don't start emailing me.... I did say supposed to be more evolved, I guess theres always an exception to a rule as I feel has been proven in recent days.

So anyway, Mr Malthouse has been running around like that chap from Dad's Army...you know the one that scream's "don't panic" over and over only hes been screaming "ban the bullbreeds!". People have been expressing their disgust at the crazed idea but it wont be until Mr Malthouse has to stop for a quick glass of champers that he notices he's the only one screaming it. I cant see the Kennel Club about to agree to ban one of the most popular breeds they register. I dont actually think for a  minute the Met want to go around seizing every single bullbreed off the streets either. Even the RSPCA would find it hard to actually say "oh yes Kit, what a fantastic idea!"

Everyone  is just staring at him like a bug under a microscope wondering if hes actually looked at the past 18 years of failed Breed Specific Legislation.

I emailed Mr Malthouse a week ago asking how his ban will work. His website does say "feel free to send me your views. I wont be shy in telling you mine" but I have had no reply. I wanted to know about rotties, would they be banned too? They arent bull breeds but have been involved in a number of high profile incidents. If we are gunning for the rotties too do we cover all molloser breeds? What about the crosses? Are we going to do another type thing cos wouldnt that just be a whole new can of worms to dive right into and make a bigger mess of.  Lets face it, us brits do like to make a mess of quite a lot don't we?

Some of the classics Mr Malthouse has used in his "reasoning" include Ontario and his claims that BSL has reduced incidents, he didnt mention the Netherlands though. They only went and repealed their ban after statistics showed it did nothing whatsoever to protect anyone. He also goes on to say how the Met are on course to seize over 1000 dogs this year. Yup, 12-1300 is closer to it at a likely cost of around 2 million pounds of taxpayers money (during a recession I might add) . However a tiny percentage of those dogs are actually  alledged to be dangerous.  Between 28/2/09 and 31/7/09 332 dogs were seized for offences under section one (thats the banned breeds). Only 17  of those dogs were also subject to a section 3 charge. During the same time period 65 dogs, regardless of breed, were seized under section 3. So 65 dogs were allowed to act in such a way that caused fear of injury to a person and were seized while a further  315 were seized cos they
looked a bit like a breed of dog this country doesnt recognise.

Yay for Chimps...I mean Brits!

So Mr Malthouse keeps yelling, the papers keep printing and suddenly I remember being 11 years old. I had my appendix taken out then and I learnt your appendix has no use at all, it literally does nothing. Sometimes though it can start niggling you, making its presence felt. Maybe its got a bit fed up being ignored and wants
you to remember its existence. It can, if left to get on with it, cause a whole heap of problems including death.

Fear not tho, the answer is simple. If it gets too annoying you simply have it removed and thrown away.

Here endeth the lesson.