Sunday, 30 August 2009

Dogs seized at Notting Hill Carnival

Carnival Latest

17:40 - 30th August - Carnival Latest

Officers working to stop potentially dangerous dogs from entering the Notting Hill Carnival have so far seized six suspected pit bull terrier type dogs at intervention points. No arrests.

Please do NOT take your dogs to Notting hill carnival even if you are sure they are not "pit bull type". If you know anyone whose dog has been seized, ensure they are aware they do NOT have to sign over their dogs for destruction and can recieve confidential help from DDAWatch on:

0844 844 2900
07899 724 800

The phone lines will be manned from 9am until 10pm throughtout carnival weekend.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

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Bad, Stupid, Law!

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Status Dogs Unit to attend Notting Hill Carnival

Status Dogs Unit to attend Notting Hill Carnival

The Status Dog Unit (SDU) alongside the RSPCA will be attending this years Notting hill Carnival in a bid to “stop dangerous dogs being taken to the event”.

Notting Hill Carnival, Brockham Park, Peckham Rye and Lovebox festivals are just some of the events the SDU attend each year often leading to responsible owners being deprived of their family pets. The SDU will be scouring the Carnival, keeping their beady eyes peeled for any dog that may vaguely resemble banned breeds regardless of the behaviour of the dog or owner. Owners of dogs deemed to fit the bill may find their dogs seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 before being whisked off to a secret location leaving the owners behind to fight through the courts for their return.

The SDU does have a “Leave at home” policy however they have stated they only intend to leave 10% of ALL dogs seized this year in their homes before court. That will equate to approx only 100 dogs by the end of this year, leaving the estimated 900 extra dogs to spend an average of 150 days incarcerated in kennels costing as much as £22 per dog per DAY.

Last year the Metropolitan police teamed up with the RSPCA and seized 21 dogs over the weekends festivities. Some of those dogs and owners where not attending the carnival itself but simply lived or walked through part of the carnival route as they made their way elsewhere. The cost of holding 21 dogs again this year could cost as much as £69,300 in kennel fees alone. It’s a good job we don’t have a problem with knife crime as I am sure 70k would go far to help that campaign…oh no…wait..

Still, if you don’t want your dog whisked off our advice is don’t attend the carnival, do not go anywhere near the route of the carnival. If your dog is seized and would like free confidential advice please call DDA Watch on 0844 844 2900 email or join our facebook group

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

18 Years of the Dangerous Dogs Act

18 years ago today the Dangerous Dogs Act was passed through Parliament. The Bill was pushed through commons in just one day . It then proceeded to Lords, back to Commons and received Royal Assent in less than two months from start to finish. A little over two weeks from Royal assent, on the 12th August 1991, the Dangerous Dogs Act come into force.

To give some idea of just how quickly this bill was rushed in, the most recent equivalent is a mere amendment rather than a new bill, currently being suggested by Angela Smith . This received its first reading in commons on the 1st June 2009. Its second reading will not be until October 16th 2009, more time than it took to bring in the draconian DDA.

So here we are 18 years later. Dog attacks are all but non existent, dog fighting has been eradicated as there are no more pit bull type dogs around and all is well with the world. … right? Of course not but it seems unlike most of us, Defra is still in the half conscious slumber its been in for the last 18 years, seemingly, neither caring nor even commenting on its bizarre instance to continue with a piece of legislation that has failed in the most horrific way.

16 years after the act came into force a child died from injuries sustained during an attack from a “pit bull type”. The law failed to protect her too. Now Defra trot out the same phrases about the need for enforcement, the systematic rounding up of dogs who measure up in inches regardless of the temperament of the dog.

Defra and co seem to think we are stupid.

We have had four fatalities in recent years and the link isn’t the breed or cross of the dog, it’s the ownership. Each and every time an error was made, a human error. Our response to that error is to to round up and kill the dog. We are human, we make mistakes but the one thing that is meant to make us the most superior species is our ability to process that error and learn from it. Defra refuse to do this.

The Met police are hitting many festivals and carnivals in London again this year. They are likely to seize over 1000 dogs by the end of this year. Its looking to cost around 2 million pounds of tax payers money. They aren’t the only ones doing the killing. Dogs are dying in the care of those who swore to protect, hidden behind a wall of silence. All because of a law that does not work , can never work and the authorities and other organisations refusal to do anything about it.

Unless you, the reader, speak up, we can look forward to another 18 years.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Why have the USPCA failed to comment on Bruce?

Over the last few weeks many organisations across the world have spoken up in defence of Bruce, a good dog, currently being held by the authorities in Northern Ireland. Emails have been sent in their thousands and every single organisation and a large number of MLP's have replied, even if its a basic aknowledgment of the emails recieved.

Except for the USPCA.

The USPCA is the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They are the main animal welfare body in Northern Ireland. Yet they have said nothing at all regarding the horrific condition Bruce was photograhed in. Bruce, we are told, is now in better condition however no one who claims to be protecting the welfare of animals could expect us to allow this silence and lack of action to continue.

When you visit the USPCA website the first thing that stands out is a clip promoting the Five Freedoms. The Five freedoms are :

Freedom from hunger and thirst.

Freedom from discomfort

Freedom from pain, injury and disease.

Freedom to express normal behaviour

Freedom from fear and distress.

Yet with Bruce, the USPCA keeps up a wall of silence.

Please email the USPCA again and ask them for their position on the seizure of dogs whose only crime is in their physical appearance.

Why is no action seemingly being taken against those who failed to ensure Bruce freedom from pain, injury and disease?

How many other dogs are currently being held in Northern Ireland?

How many of those dogs have died while in the "care" of the authorities?

Who is monitoring the welfare of all dogs held?

When will independent investigation be carried out on ALL kennels holding dogs in Northern Ireland and when will the outcomes of those investigations be published?

Northern Ireland, the World is still watching and will continue to speak out until YOU take action to protect the dogs!

Email the USPCA again, please.