Monday, 22 June 2009

Cats - the new status weapon of choice - part 2!

In my last blog I explained the up and coming danger of the new status weapon of choice - cats.

I can today prove that cats are the threat to mankind after a family recieved a letter from Royal mail requesting they keep their dog in another room after it had "attacked" the postie.

The "dog" in question is infact a 6 month old KITTEN!

I rest my case.

read the full story here:'attacked%20postman'

Cats - the new status weapon of choice ;)

Friday, 19 June 2009

New status weapon of choice?

Forget pit bulls. Forget Rotties, staffies, american bulldogs. Infact forget everything you ever thought about dangerous animals. There is a new terror sweeping across the world. It's small and fluffy but dont let it's innocent good looks fool you. These animals are fearless with teeth and claws that make a paper shredder looks like child's play.

The new Weapon of Choice is already in every street, you may even have one in your home! What are these creatures I speak of?



The common moggy.

Seriously if you are after a "status" animal get a cat. If you need proof of a cats ability to knock spots of other so called "dangerous" animals just look at this footage of an innocent rottweiler being charged by a vicious off lead cat

Note how the poor rottie turns into a quivering wreck following the unprovoked attack by the savage feline. The owner has to get down on to the floor to give the dog a reassuring cuddle in her bid to allay the dogs fears.

More footage of unprovoked vicious attacks can be found easily on you tube in this one a poor lab links his wounds as the feline sits by ready for round two.

And they are not alone! Oh no! My own American Bulldog was savaged by a cat some months ago. I witnessed the cat spring out of nowhere and attach itself to the face of my poor pooch. Like the rottie in the footage Tony, the Am bull, was so terrified of the cat he placed himself on the floor and would not move save to shake like a leaf.

The whole thing was witnessed by passers by who clearly didnt understand the danger as they laughed their socks off at poor Tony's distress and my attempts to get a 100lb dog off the floor and away to safety.

Its no laughing matter. Status animals are changing, dogs are out and cats are in.

And before anyone accuses me of being anti cat I should point out I have two of my one, one of which is called Rags. Bet ya cant guess why?!

Mark my words: Cats are the new weapon of choice!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BSL madness in plea bargain case.

Scottish dog owner Colin Boyle is free to own another dog after charges of keeping a dog for fighting and failing to ensure the health and welfare of his pit bull type dog were dropped following plea bargaining madness. Instead the Crown focused on the dog being a pit bull "type", to which Boyle pleaded guilty.

Boyle, who had previous convictions for drug dealing had given the dog to a friend who in turn had handed the dog to the police. Scottish newspaper The Hearald states that Boyle was ordered to pay £1750 in kenneling fees and his dog has been ordered to be destroyed causing uproar from local residents and Animal welfare organisations.

Well, heres the thing people... What did you expect?!!!!

As many have said for a long time STOP LOOKING AT THE BREED OF DOG. Had the breed or type of this dog not been in question charges could and should have been brought for the much more serious issue of failing to provide for the dogs health and welfare and owning an animal for fighting. These would almost certainly lead to a ban on keeping a dog instead of a fine which will probably be paid back at £5 a week and the dog dying after a lifetime of abuse.

Boyle is free to go out and own another dog. Hes free to fail to provide for that dog and all because the focus shifted from serious welfare concerns to the physical appearance of that dog.

So for those who are shouting in uproar ...get over it! Stop screaming yourself hoarse in horror and use your voice to help repeal a law about which allows those who may be abusing their dogs to plea bargain and let their dog pay the price. What sort of message do you think this sends about the dogs being the scapegoat!

We do NOT need BSL. It hinders rathers than helps to protect dogs. Welfare legislation can and should be used instead.

Help us repeal BSL!

for the full story please see here:

Monday, 15 June 2009

Unpredictable Behaviour in Dog's

Unpredictable dogs or, in particular unpredictable aggression in dogs are phrases that seem to get thrown about alot. With the weather becoming hotter the number of dog owners ringing up asking to hand in a dog that has suddenly "turned" from a sweet dog into an "unpredictable" dog that has "attacked" its loving adoring owner has increased.

A little conversation often turns out to shows a number of possible clues. The "unpredictability" of the dog is often a lack of awareness or understanding of a number of signs given by the dog indicating its distress. The dog "turning" suddenly and almost miraculously is often once the dogs pushed to its limit as its initial signals fail to be received and the "attack" often equals a small graze caused more by the handler pulling away than the dog intending harm.

Now don't think I am playing down aggressive behaviour in dogs. Aggressive behaviour, be it a bite or even a growl must be taken seriously and with professional help. For the record, this blog does not constitute "professional help!"

My point is quite simple really. Few dogs are truly unpredictable. Dogs are pretty uncomplicated creatures at heart but like people, no two dogs are the same. Each dog places different values on the things in their life; be it toys, beds, food, people, anything at all. Those values are unlikely to match yours, we are after all a totally different species but that doesn't make it any less worthy.

As with humans, dogs can have "off days". Illness, hot weather, fireworks, lack of sleep, exercise - a whole variety of things, sometimes over a period of days or longer can bring the tolerance levels down.

The biggest problem within the whole issue of aggression is dogs cannot turn around and say

"Would you be so kind as to go away, I feel a bit hot and bothered and wish to be left alone"

If they could things would be much simpler!

When we say "unpredictable" what we often mean is "I don't know what triggered this". That is not something that should cause you to feel ashamed or embarrassed. What it should cause you to do is seek help to figure out what the trigger is. Its not always easy to spot, even the most experienced behaviourist can sit there and say "I'm stumped" but in most cases a trigger can be found and the issue can be dealt with.

If you notice a sudden change in your dogs behaviour your first step is to speak to your local vet. One of the most common causes for a change of behaviour is illness. It doesn't mean your dog is seriously ill, he could simply have an ear ache but a vet check to rule out or in, any potential medical cause must be the first step.

In hot weather be aware that while your dog may want to sit in the sun all day, it may not be the best way to avoid potential issues later. Our good friends at Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue have the following advice for all dog owners on keeping your pets cool this summer

If a dog is showing aggression and you do not know the trigger it goes without saying that you must ensure the safety of people and other animal that may come into contact with your dog. Do not allow people, particularly children to approach the dog without professional help. If your dog is showing aggression to other animals do not allow your dog off lead in public and ideally your dog should be muzzled.

Remember that an aggressive dog is often an unhappy dog and normally leads to an unhappy owner if allowed to escalate. When dealing with an aggressive dog do not take any risks but do seek help.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Launching the "We Like Hype We Do" Award!

This week has been quite a week in the Media. Its seems that "Media Hype" has taken on a whole new lease of life and is sinking further into the depths of spin and creation of mass hysteria. So I have decided that each month we will be awarding the article with the most spin/media hype the " We Like Hype we do" Award.

In order to find some of the treasures out there we need your help. If there is an article that screams of spin or attempts to overdose on Hype let us know! The article must be related to the hype surrounding "dangerous dogs" and each week we will blog about the best nominations. On the last Friday of each month we will pick a winner to receive our award and contact them to let them know of their win.

All you need to do is email with a direct link to the article you wish to nominate and, if you wish, a few choice words about why you have chosen that link and your first name. Or use can the comment box below.

The first award winner will be chosen on Friday 26th June and is open to any article published since June 1st.

For now we have to limit it to UK articles only however any articles further afield that you feel are worthy of mention do let us know. If demand is high enough, "We Like Hype We Do" could go international!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Is this the "status dog unit? I wish to report status dogs!

The RSPCA and Met police are screaming "Status dogs" from the rooftops. The Curse of the Status Dog is very real, dontcha know! So much so the Met have set up a "Staus Dog Unit" specifically to tackle the issue. Specialist police officers and an RSPCA inspector will work together to rid the world (well London at least) of dogs used by their owners simply to better their Status.

But are they actually "acting" on information given? In order to find out Ryan O'Meara from rang them to find out...with a shocking outcome! Below is the transcript of the call:

Ryan: "Hello, I need to speak to the team operating the status dog unit"

Call Handling: "Sorry, sir. The dog unit?"

Ryan: "No. The status dog unit. You know about the status dog unit, right?"

Call Handling: "Erm, hold please."

Call Handling: "Do you mean you want to report a dangerous dog?"

Ryan: "No!! I want a report a status dog. I want to report several status dogs!"

Call Handling: "Sorry sir. Could you explain more about what it is you wish to report?"

Ryan: "Will it get passed on to the status dog unit?"

Call Handling: "Sir, I will ensure it gets passed to the correct team."

Ryan: "The status dog team?"

Call Handling: "Sir, I assure you all reports are routed to the most appropriate officers."

Ryan: "OK, so long as it goes to the status dog officers. I have only recently heard about the status dog unit and it's about time too. Well four weeks ago I was watching TV and there, bold as brass, Sharon Osbourne was flounting a little status dog in full view of a crowd of onlookers. She was even happy for it to be pictured so there is photographic evidence. The unit can act on that. Now, you might know but Britney Spears is currently in London, she is a KNOWN status dog owner. Absolutely brazen she is. I know that she has......"

Call Handling: "Sir, you know it is offence to waste police time and we have traced your call"

Ryan: "Yes. And?" (I paused)

Call Handling: "Sir, you are reporting celebrities to the police. Do you actually have an offence to report?"

Ryan: "YES!!! They all have status dogs and they don't seem to care who knows about it. I want your newly established status dog unit to act."

Call Handling: "Sir, I suggest you think carefully about how you use police time, this is...."

Ryan: "No! You're not listening. You have a status dog unit, why won't you listen to me??"

Call Handling: "Sir, I have routed your call and it is not located in juristiction of the Metropolitan area. Do you live in the London area?

Ryan: "No."

Call Handling: "Where are you located?"

Ryan: "I'm in the East Midlands. But the status dogs I saw where in London. Leicester Square, mainly. I have times, dates, names....."

Call Handling: "Sir, you are not reporting a crime...."

*Ryan interrupted hard here*

Ryan: "What? Of course I am. I must be. Why do you have this status dog unit?"

Call Handling: "I don't know about this particular unit but we deal with dangerous dogs, not dogs belonging to celebrites"

Ryan: "OK, but....."

*dead tone* - Hung up on Ryan

I dont know whats more shocking...that Call handling stated they "Didnt know about this particular unit" or the failure to take the Status Dogs report seriously. We asked Mr O'Meara for an exclusive quote.

"Having heard about the newly formed status dog, I thought it would be important to alert this publicly-funded police department about the sheer number of status dogs on Britain's streets. Celebrities and their ilk who boldly flaunt their status dogs need to be aware that the Met Police is on to them! Turning up at film premieres with the little pocket pooch is now going to incur the full force of the law. I'm not entirely sure what law is broken but I can only assume that some law must have been breached - otherwise why even have such a unit? I spent some time checking for the legal definition of a status dog as it was my intent to double check that I wasn't breaking this new law myself. Sadly I wasn't able to ask my question and in all honesty, I don't think I was taken very seriously when trying to help the police capture these status dog-owning villains."

In order to better protect the public from Status Dogs will be setting up their own Status Dog unit to help report on the true extent of the problem. Keep an eye on website for more information when the New unit launces shortly.

Together, we can make the streets safer.

Trigger happy

It is becoming more common to hear of armed police dealing with so called dangerous dogs but the latest story of trigger happy officers comes from the US. In Cincinnati a dog escaped from a garden and bit the hand of the police officer who rushed to grab said dog.

The police had attempted to "subdue" the dog in question with the aid of a taser.... clearly being zapped with a good old dose of electricity would calm any stressed out animal! As you may imagine the taser didnt "subdue" the dog so officers decided to shoot it instead.

The dog, named Jack was a 3lb chihuahua.

Its not the first time gun tooting officers have seemingly relied on guns rather than sense. In the UK in 2008 a rottweiler was shot dead in Newham London for alledgedly attacking and killing his elderly owner. The story hit every form of media with talk of "devil dogs" rife again. However most with a small amount of knowledge on dogs said the description of the "attack" was consistent with a confused dog and not an attacking dog.

Sure enough, some time later it emerged the owner had not been attacked and killed. He had died of natural causes. It appears he may have collapsed in the street and the dog had become confused and maybe even attempted to get his adored owner up.

Only two newspapers covered the fact that the owner died of natural causes.

Cops with guns...coming to an area near you soon.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Government Admits Dangerous Dogs Act Mistake

Government Admits Dangerous Dogs Act Mistake

June 8, 2009 by Alison Green

(just a shame they haven’t actually done anything to fix their error all these years on!)

Twelve years on and thousands of dogs later….

Today is a special day for anti BSL campaigners within England, Scotland and Wales as 12 years ago our government did something amazing. They held their hands up, said “We made a mistake” and took the first step towards correcting that mistake by amending the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, a piece of legislation that has cost thousands of innocent lives.

Prior to 8th June 1997 a dog branded “pit bull type” had to be killed regardless of how wonderful and friendly a pet the dog was or how responsible an owner. Any dog fitting the loose description of “type” died by lethal injection. After the 8th June 1997 however the courts were able to use their discretion when sentencing and could allow a dog that posed no danger to the public, to live. The dogs had to be entered onto the Index of Exempted Dogs and owners had to abide by strict restrictions but we no longer had mandatory destruction of dogs based on their physical appearance and the Dangerous Dogs Act (Amendment) 1997 came into force.

For those who stood against the mindless killing of pet dogs this was indeed a triumph, a rare occurrence of the Government admitting it had made a mistake. Sheer hard work, constant pressure and quite literally blood, sweat and tears brought about a change that would save some dogs from death by lethal injection.

I was originally going to write about what has happened since and take a look at what the future may hold but as I was nearly finished a picture came into my mind, a picture that illustrated what some have already been saying, the amendment is NOT enough.

The picture in my mind was of a dog called Oscar.

Oscar is a ghost, a dog that haunts me often. A beautiful red lad with a wonderful family who adored him. Oscar was a “wonky dog” who had been saved by a young lad who himself was very ill. He saw himself in Oscar and took him home as a young pup. Oscar and his new owner kept each other going until one day Oscar was seized. I spoke with Oscar’s family almost daily as they waited to go to court and win him back. They were so excited that he would be coming home but worried about his health problems and the care he would get in kennels. Messages regarding treatment was relayed to the Police and assurance’s it would be done given. Waiting for court was stressful as Oscar’s owner’s condition worsened and as court dates came and went without them, concerns arose.

There’s little point explaining all the ins and outs, you probably already know where it ended. For me the fight for Oscar ended with a phone call. A heartbroken screaming down the phone “they have killed him “. Over and over and over, heart wrenching sobs as the realisation they would never see Oscar, their “wonky dog” again, began to hit home. The police had logged Oscar incorrectly on their computer. He had been destroyed some time previously as a stray dog; his body had been disposed of. Oscar was gone.

We have the amendment but it didn’t save Oscar. We brought in the law, we brought in the amendment and we stopped bothering to change it anymore. Because of this Oscar died.

There are others like Oscar. There’s over a hundred that didn’t go home within the Met police alone recently. Seized and held in “secure kennels” with a “duty of care” to provide for those dogs, to protect them yet they failed. Some of the dogs that die in “police care” may not be “pit bull type” so if your reading this thinking your dog is safe, think again.

There’s hundreds being killed in rescue centres and pounds across the country. We have tried to gather figures on exact numbers killed in London but few seem to have any. We know its at least 100 in London alone over the last year, probably much more.

There are dogs being “identified” by people whose decision is going unchallenged, as owners don’t know where to turn, feel there is no alternative. Those dogs are dying too.

Dogs like Cassie. Her owners knew she wouldn’t cope with being away from her family. They cuddled her weeping as her life ebbed away.

There are dogs like Barney and Missey. Seized and registered but the confines of “secure kennels” has had its affect on them and they are unable to settle back into family life. Barney’s owner rang me after he let Barney go.

“ We never really win do we?” he asked and we don’t. The dogs don’t win and neither does the public. Everybody loses and the dogs are still dying even with the amendment.

These ghosts are a mere drop in the ocean of lost souls. These are some of the ones we know of, some of the ones we hoped to save. For each dog we know of you can be sure another dog at least has also lost its life.
It’s been twelve years since the Government gave limited discretion to the courts allowing some dogs to live. Twelve years since any change was made to the worst piece of legislation this country has known. We are offered our medication to accept this by way of “Leave at home” policies but while we may cheer and pat ourselves on the backs this offers little for the dogs. Do you intend to wait another 12 years before Section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 is repealed for good?

Facebook DDA Group

Say No to Breed Specific Legislation

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Children, Dogs and hot weather.

People can become irritable when they get too hot, so is it any surprise that dogs may also feel hot and bothered as well?
During the summer, the children are off school for six weeks, there is often increased activity in the home, the sun is out, temperature is rising, the routine may have changed and some dogs can become overheated, more sensitive and maybe less tolerant than usual... A hot dog can understandably feel quite stressed out.

A recent study by pediatric otolaryngologists from the University at Buffalo School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences analysed 84 cases of dog bites in children.

To read the rest of this article please see here:

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!!

Summer is here (even if it is raining where i live at the moment!). Bull breeds and heavier dogs can suffer badly in hot weather. Registered "pit bull types", having to cope with being muzzled may suffer the heat more than previously. If you have a registered dog please remember, you CANNOT remove the muzzle in public, even for a split second. You will be breaking the restrictions and your dog may be seized again.

Our good friends at Endangered Dogs Defence and Rescue have the following advice for all dog owners on keeping your pets cool this summer

Friday, 5 June 2009

All dogs and their owners must die!

I have a new favorite journalist (I use the word very very lightly). His name is Colin Dury and he writes for the Halifax Courier. He's honestly made my day and provided me with much amusement with an article entitled "Dog's - get rid of them- and their owners".

Mr Dury wants to kill all dogs (so roughly 8 million animals) and their owners. He makes it clear that he isnt being breed specific, he doesnt care what type of dog or owner, all must die!

What has brought on this drastic call? Has he been attacked? Has he lost someone he loves? Nope. The reason he gives is:

"Never again should we have to read about a baby being ripped literally in two by a pair of Rottweilers.

Never again should we have to hear about a postman losing both arms after being savaged by guard dogs.

But most importantly, never again should I, as on Monday evening, have to experience the nightmare – the sheer horror – of having to clean fresh dog foul from my beautiful brown shoes.

Talk of trauma. My life flashed before my very nose

My bold.

Shoes people! Shoes must be protected! Dog bites are worthy to note, dog mess also worthy of commenting on. The fact that your "beautiful" brown shoes have suffered however ...well....this is the media!

I dont intend going on much about this but I LOVE his alternate suggestion of what dog owners should be doing.

"Do these people not have pubs to go to or beds to stay in?"

So people, kill your dogs, go to the pub have a few too many and pass out in bed and make Mr Dury happy. Oh hang on...your dead arent you?

Sorry about that :)

For the full article take a look here:

*Warning : Do not attempt to drink whist reading the link. You may splutter in a fit of laughter and blow up your computer (for which we take no respoonsibilty, sue Druy ;) )

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Difficulties owning certain breeds

DDA Watch are looking into problems faced by many owners of certain breeds or crosses , particularly those owners who are under 30 who may fit the stereotypical image pushed by the mass media.

We would like to hear from anyone who has found it hard to get help with training, fit in in general or simply be able to walk their dog or even take it to the vet because of how you may be treated. Ideally living in london, manchester, birmingham, liverpool although any area is fine.

All information will be treated with confidence unless otherwise agreed between ourselves. If you would like to take part please email or see