Friday, 11 December 2009

Twas the night before Xmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
The stockings where hung by the chimney with care
In the hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there

But at the North Pole sudden changes arose
All down to Rudolph and his ruby red nose
Clipboard in hand, a breed expert arrived
He motioned to Santa saying, "please step aside".

A smooth haired coat and a muscular build
A broad deep chest our Rudolph did yield
The breed expert's pen, created pages of ticks
Then he suddenly called out "good lord, we've been tricked!"

"This creatures no donkey and clearly no horse!
I know these things! I've attended the course!"
Look at my clipboard the boxes are full!
It's very obvious to me: Rudolph is a pit bull!

Out with the measuring sticks, he explained to Santa the law
And he measured poor Rudolph from shoulder to floor.
As the spectacle continued Santa said with a sigh
He's a reindeer you fool! Why must he die?

"The law is the law" the expert said standing tall,
Then picked up his mobile and made a quick call
The sound of sirens filled the peaceful night air
and Rudolph removed to who knew where?

Days turned to weeks and confused and alone
Rudolph pined, for the place he called home
As the first snow started falling Rudolph gave up the fight
And he took his last breath on a cold winters night

You may think this is funny, if a little untrue.
But how would you like it, if it happened to you?
If your dog was taken because of its look?
Because it ticked enough boxes in some silly book?

Regardless of parentage it doesn't matter what breed
If it ticks enough boxes then it's a done deed
So humor me here and pretend this is true
Think how you would feel if it happened to you.

Cuddle your hounds while you have them close by
For some spend this Christmas, waiting to die.
Now back to the story, it doesn't end there
One more short verse I need to share

Santa fetched Rudolph's body and cried for his friend
And swore to himself, this would not be the end
And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
"The law is wrong, please help us to fight!"

~Copyright Alison Green . Permission to crosspost but please include a direct link back. Thank you.


  1. omg my heart goes out to these puppies! this brought many tears to my eyes! lets stop these abusive people once and for all.....

  2. this makes me kinda scared as my dog who is 1 yr old some say resembles a pit bull.... when i got her i was told she is boxer mix .... like most who look at her say she resembles a pit bull... i would hate for someone to come and take her away cause she resembles one and not take in concideration that when you mix other breads they may have resembling characteristics

  3. why oh why is this happening. I know how they feel the people who've lost. when your friend is taken. I long for the day that my friend can run free. no more muzzle. being punished for how you look. a gentle trustworthy friend. god bless all who are gone and those still waiting a decision. and humans are supposed to be a superior species.

  4. Chris Henwood, Sussex, UK2 January 2010 04:42

    It sums up the situation exactly. Fools with little knowledge and too much power!