Monday, 7 September 2009

Rescuing the Rescuers.

Animals in Need are a rescue organisation offering sanctuary to many abandoned animals each year. A registered charity, they have operated in Liverpool U.K for 18 years. Now the rescuers need rescuing.

With a strict spay/neuter policy for all their own animals they also spend a great deal of time and finance working with dogs and their owners within the community offering free neutering, chipping and training to those in need. As a result they have prevented the birth of hundred or even thousands of unwanted dogs.

During the "pit bull amnesty" of 2007 they offered free help and advice to owners caught up in the Dangerous Dogs Act ( DDA) 1991. To this day they still do all the above.However at the end of 2007 the DDA turned to the rescuers as two of their dogs were accused of being pit bull type. Then, in January 2008 a young dog was left abandoned and, being a law abiding rescue they notified the authorities.

Animals In Need were then taken to court under 4b of the DDA for three counts of possessing a banned breed. The rescue refused to accept the first two dogs were "of type" and funded a legal team and experts to defend the dogs. They won and both dogs were deemed to be legal cross breeds and rehomed. The rescue agreed with the authorities on the type of the third dog however having a strict non destruction policy they funded experts and a legal team to ask the courts to register the dog to Animals In Need. This was allowed and the dogs life was spared. She will live out her life under the care of Animals in Need who are the ONLY rescue within the UK to currently own an exempted dog.

However the nightmare was not over and at the end of 2008 the DDA struck again and a further dog was accused of being a banned breed. Unlike the previous three dogs this one was seized and removed to secure kennels pending court proceedings. Animals in Need founder, Fran Ellis is now facing another charge of possessing an illegal breed and with penalties that could include up to 6 months in prison, a £5000 fine and a criminal record.

Animals in Need are a fantastic rescue who never put a healthy dog down. The DDA is costing them financially and mentally and they still support their dogs 100%. Now they need your help.

We shall be adding details of how you can support Animals in need financially and help ease the burden of funding yet another legal battle to save the life of a dog that has never been nor acted dangerously. Please keep checking back for details.

If you cannot support them financially please take a few moments to sign the petition below and forward to increase awareness and add support to the fantastic staff at Animals In Need.


  1. There are NO Dangerous Dogs, just Dangerous, idiotic, violent, abusive or ineffective owners. BSL does NOT work. MUCH harsher penalties need to be introduced to attack the REAL problem which is the "human" owner. "Banned" dogs STILL exist and will continue to do so until the REAL problem is addressed properly. NO breed should be banned but the bad owners SHOULD!!!!

  2. This example is far more benign, but BSL and BDL remind me of an older child pointing at a younger child and pronouncing: "He/she did it~! Don't blame me, it wasn't my fault~!"
    How predictable of human nature, to blame someone more vulnerable--to make a target of someone less able to defend themselves to scoot out from under responsibility.
    END BSL AND BDL FOREVER--blame is misplaced, odious, ineffective, barbaric...

  3. The UK has banned a breed which is one of the most popular family pets in the US and the top breed recommended for children. It is pure insanity! In the US, people understand it is NOT the dog, it is ALWAYS the people. Responsible pet owners must be protected, and the police need to go after the criminals, drug dealers, arms dealers, gang bangers, ASBOs, hoodies, yobs and get them off the streets for good (instead of massacring innocent dogs). There are no bad dogs, just bad people. Dogs are a reflection of their owners and the way they have been treated and trained, nothing more, nothing less. That is why we need tough laws that go after all the people who abuse, mistreat, torture, fight, and neglect dogs. Until you target the right end of the leash, the problem of dangerous dogs will NEVER go away. Abusive and reckless people must be arrested, prosecuted, serve jail time and must be banned from having animals for the rest of their lives. If you take their dog away or ban a breed, they simply move onto another. IT IS THE PEOLE THAT ARE THE PROBLEM, not the dogs!!! BAN THE BAD PEOPLE. How long will it take for the uneducated, ignorant UK authorities to realize that. I lived in the UK all my adult life and left... a country that kills just on looks is not a modern or civilized place... that is what they did in Nazi Germany. Check the following link and you will see pit bulls are rated as #1 for children.

    Shame on the UK... supposedly a country of animal lovers... yet commits genocide on innocent, sentient, breathing creatures based soley on looks.

  4. Thank god I live in America where breed specific legislation is always overturned in a higher court as unconstitutional. Amen Nicole. You said it all. Judging on looks permits the next step to human genocide. Uk should be ashamed. But that is why our ancesters left.

  5. Thank You for this blog. I added a link to this blog on my Animal Rights blog. I use to live in the UK (Scotland) and I know for a fact the British are strong fighters for animal rights. We all have a long way to go and all we can to is keep fighting.