Sunday, 5 July 2009

Template media letter

Due to a huge number of request we have drawn up the following template letter for the media should anyone wish to use it. Feel free to make any changes you wish and keep emailing!!!!

Template media letter


The story of Bruce, a dog currently in Northern Ireland who was taken from his owner in 2007 and due to be killed because of his looks, has taken dog lovers across the globe by storm. In a world where discrimination has been condemned and not tolerated in our human world, the world is now watching Northern Ireland and following his case.

Commenting about Pitbulls on her Twitter page, US actress Demi Moore commented "they've been given a bad name as a breed" and continues that they're "sweet natured dogs who've been mistreated and used by humans"

Bruce's only mistake is the way he looks, surely this can't be an acceptable reason for his fate? As the 'Bring Bruce Home' campaign comes to a climax and his fate due any day (he was initially due to be killed 6th July but due to on-going legal proceedings, this may be delayed).

As the plight of Bruce’s story travels, support for him and horror, disgust and anger against a law which permits the killing of an innocent dog based on its appearance is flooding in, comments can be seen here:

Bruce was taken from his owner Shannon-Leah Brown in 2007 when seized because of his looks rather than him actually having done anything wrong. Northern Ireland has a mandatory death penalty for dogs found to resemble ‘pit bull types’ unlike the rest of the mainland UK and neighbouring Southern Ireland who gave the courts discretion when sentencing twelve years ago. A home in a rescue in Southern Ireland has even been offered to Bruce.

Interviews with canine expert, Ryan O'Meara of The Pet Owners Parliament and Bruce's owner, Shannon-Leah Brown are available upon request.

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  1. Diane Grace

  2. Please , please release Bruce and send him home, if you dont want him in your country, I will gladly have him here in England and love and care for him, his family are being tortured along with him for no reason, release him now!!!!!