Monday, 6 July 2009

Saving Bruce - Uspca contact

Please contact the USPCA, the major animal welfare body in ireland. Contact email is

Template below or feel free to use your own email. As you can imagine this is a very important area to contact so please crosspost as much as possible and ask everyone you know to contact them.


I am writing to you with regard to a travesty about to occur in Northern Ireland and to beg you to intervene and help save a life.

The life in question belongs to Bruce, a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was living happily with his family in Northern Ireland. On September 19th 2007 Bruce was seized by council officials as an alleged “pit bull type” and taken to secluded kennels whilst his owner was taken to court for owning a banned type of dog.

While incarcerated in kennels his family were allowed to visit Bruce in October 2007, Bruce had lost weight, muscle and had a cut to his muzzle. Five months later Bruce was allowed a second visit from his family in March 2008, they were shocked with what they found: The wound on Bruce's muzzle was larger and had become infected, he had to have his tail amputated, had open sores, was underweight and looked totally rejected, yet despite the clear pain he was in, is described by experts as being a friendly dog that poses no danger to the public. In a desperate attempt to save Bruce, owner Shannon Brown, supporters and neighbours have created petitions and videos resulting in worldwide support to “Bring Bruce Home”.

Northern Ireland has not adopted the 1997 Amendment Act as in England, Scotland and Wales, despite being proposed several times, thus meaning any dog deemed to be “pit bull type” cannot be entered onto the Index of Exempted Dogs. If the proposal had been accepted in Northern Ireland, as with the rest of the UK, Bruce would have been home long before now, alive and well registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs. Northern Ireland is however currently considering legislative change but this is not likely to be achieved in time to save Bruce.

If Bruce lived in Southern Ireland where no breeds are nationally banned he would never have been seized at all. Bruce has been offered a place of safety with a reputable rescue in Southern Ireland where he could legally live out the rest of his life, this offer has been conveyed to the solicitor but has sadly not been accepted by the court.

Please help Bruce and intervene to allow Bruce the chance of life by refusing to destroy a happy friendly dog. This is all that is needed. I am sure that you are aware of how emotionally committed good owners are to their pets. Dogs are part of our families as much as children. Please spare Bruce’s owner the further trauma of having to see Bruce destroyed so needlessly. Please add your voice to help save Bruce and allow a blameless animal the chance of life.

We claim to be a nation of animal lovers, surely now it is time to prove it? I await your response.

Yours faithfully

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  1. What is wrong with people? Holocaust, witch burning, WW1, WW2, are we not finished killing? No animal deserves to be euthenized just for existing. It’s time this dog goes home. Don’t just bend the law, change the law.