Thursday, 30 July 2009

Candle-Lit Vigils Held Across the Globe Send Clear Message

Candle-Lit Vigils Held Across the Globe Send Clear Message:

Thursday, July 23rd will remain a day to remember as thousands of people came together to participate in a unique worldwide candle lit vigil to support the pet dog known as ‘Bruce’ who has been imprisoned for nearly two years and condemned to die under draconian breed specific legislation in Northern Ireland.

People of all ages from across the globe paused in their homes and work places to light a candle, to reflect, to remember and to support a dog, a dog who is miles away, a dog that they have never met, a dog who has captured attention as a dog who is sentenced to be killed via lethal injection but has not put a paw wrong, a dog who is representing thousands of nameless pets just like him, pets who have been persecuted for eighteen years and put to death by a law no one supports, a law which rips apart families, a mad law that disgracefully United Kingdom residents are still blighted with.

Running alongside the candle lit vigil, events were organised in central London, New York, Dublin and Seattle, despite the rain, people made their way travelling to show their support, standing united against injustice with their families and their dogs.

In central London dog owners stood outside the Northern Ireland Office between 9pm and 10pm. The pavement and front of the building soon filled up with banners, flowers and candles and the message was clear – Let Bruce Live as we are not giving up on him and Repeal this cruel law that exterminates dogs based on their appearance. Supporters quietly lined up and laid a flower amongst the candles flickering In the dark in memory of dogs just like Bruce, older pets and others just puppies who have all suffered and had their lives ended under the Dangerous Dogs Act, they were remembered, the nameless voiceless casualties who pay with their lives for our failures were remembered.

Amongst the crowd was a registered dog named Bishop, just 3 years of age and limping having endured nine months in kennels awaiting his fate, muzzled and branded with a huge tattoo under the law, he couldn’t get his tongue out to lick everyone as this was his main mission, but he did manage to have his belly repeatedly rubbed and took his own flower attached to his collar to lay alongside the rest.

Vigil photographs began to arrive en masse as people took part and made their own record, they have been collated and can be seen online in three parts (part four is currently in the making). A truly remarkable day had unfolded, some of us thinking how would It feel if it was our precious dog that was forcibly taken away, our dog living in a concrete cell, our dog branded as ‘dangerous’ or with his tail cut away due to infection, some already aware having experienced it first hand. Bruce has captured the hearts of many as he epitomises a wider issue that has been sizzling away for some time: a law which is so desperate in need of repeal.

Thursday night was the 673rd night in kennels for Bruce, locked away and unaware that so many do care, haven’t given up and are trying to help save him and end the misery that is breed specific legislation.

All eyes remain focused on Northern Ireland, the politicians have the power to stand up and end this ridiculous law throughout the UK, in the meantime Bruce waits a further legal hearing and a second wave of letters and complaints are being planned as the message is clear - where there is life there is hope. END BSL.

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  1. So happy to hear this all happened. I will write these contacts. Let's never give up!