Friday, 29 May 2009

Everybody say "ahhhhhh"

Small Dog Syndrome. Its driving me nuts. Forget the "status" dogs and the evil "pitt bullz" small dog owners are really beginning to drive me mad. Not all, but some need to get a reality check and understand that because their dog is small, it doesnt change things. It doesnt suddenly turn into a cat if its less than 16" to the shoulder. Small dog does not mean the laws do not apply to you.

Yesterday for example I took my kids to the local park. I didnt take the dogs as the local park has a fenced off childrens play area. "NO DOGS ALLOWED" signs at every enterance. No problem at all. The play area makes up probably an 8th of the entire park - the rest being mainly open land where dogs can run off lead till their hearts content. Anyway, it was a trip for the kids not the dogs so off we set.

We hadnt gone more than a few hundred yards when the cutest little JRT puppy came wagging its entire body at us. To die for this lil baby was and die was probably what he would have done had he decided to make a break for it right into the road rather than let me pick him up. No owner in sight, no collar, no tag, no idea who he belonged too.

So I position my kids out of the way and instruct them to "stay" before turning to knock on the nearest door.

Knock on the door....nothing.

Hmmmmm..try one more time before going to the next house. Knock, wait....nothing...but a faint whistle that I cant quiet tell where its coming from. Sneak a look around the back of the house to see the back door is open. Knock again, harder. Nothing but abit more whistling and a name i couldnt catch being called.

In the end I stand at the door and yell "have you lost a dog?!". Suddenly a 30ish yr old bloke appears smiling and nodding "yeah" he says. Im being dutifully kissed by the JRT puppy who I had been beginning to think would be coming home with me while we wait for the warden (~plus trying to figure out if unclaimed if i could squeeze a little dog into my house)

"He was out the the road. You may want to get a fence up there"

"Yeah" says smiling nodding man looking at me like im the slightly unhinged one.

Reluctantly I hand the puppy back collect my kids (who stayed like good children) and of we go to the park. Being a nice hot day the kids area was packed out. Screaming hyper kids ran around everywhere id guess about 100 or so from 0-16 years old. Plus three small terrier type dogs. Different owners, not connected in anyway all sat in the very clearly marked "NO DOGS ALLOWED" play area.

I watched as no one said a word to any of the owners. Watched a bit more as one dog was used as a play thing on a very hot day and being run around the play area by various children from around 5 yrs to 10.

Everybody said "ahhhhhh".

Maybe next time i will take Tony, 100lb American Bulldog.

Think everyone will say "ahhh" then?


  1. 100% agree!! We are seeing life from both sides of the fence now that Hugo the jrt pup has joined us. Small dog owners like the ones you've described have always driven me mad and I am determined that we won't be one of them. I am a dog owner - not a big dog owner or a small dog owner. Hugo has many reasons to be treated differently, but he is still very much a dog.

    Because of current health issues, he has to be carried around in a pet backpack when out and about in the general population and he will lunge out and snap and bark at every dog he sees from his mobile pedestal. I cannot believe the number of people that still comment on how "cute" it is!!! I am always thoroughly ashamed when he behaves like this and he's told off for it.

    If Flora (ABD) or Bran (heffalump lab) were to lunge and bark in the same way, people would be shrieking "dangerous dog" before I could blink, but because Hugo weighs 2kg and not 32kg, it's acceptable???

    At least I now have the opportunity to put people right about their misconception of "cute" though ;o)